Why Nutrient Rich Superfoods


  • We want you to be confident that the front of our package tells the whole story
  • We do not try to “hide” bad ingredients on the back because we do not need to- we don’t use them in the first place!
  • We do not add preservatives – you won’t find ascorbic or citric acid in our products.
  • We use real whole fruits and veggies wherever possible, not fruit concentrates.
  • We will never use or create a product that includes the use of trans-fats, highly refined sugars, GMO’s, refined grains, nitrates,
    aspartame, artificial colors or flavors, BHA/ BHT/ Benzoate preservatives or chemical additives.
  • We will deliver our products to market in safe, attractive, innovative, and ecologically friendly packaging.


  • We source the highest quality ingredients
  • We use minimal processing in manufacturing our products in order to retain nutrients
  • This ensures our products taste like real food! Nutrition without Compromise!



Our food is packed with superfood ingredients like chia, beet, pomegranate and kale that supply a wide array of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fibers. We don’t just leave out the bad stuff, we add nutrient-rich “superfoods” so that you can nourish and detoxify your body, stabilize and strengthen your immune system and ultimately optimize the way you eat as a whole.

Superfood Infusions


We are a small, family-run business – yet we care deeply about making great products for our customers and providing knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your path to live a successful life in terms of wellness, health and performance.

The Superfoodies Corner