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Hi, I’m John Allen Mollenhauer; my friends call me John Allen or, by my initials, “JAM,” I hope you will too.

About thirty years ago, at a time when I was an amateur athlete and gym owner, I made a discovery that changed my life for the better forever. It was the mid to late 1980s, the “Golden Era of Bodybuilding,” and the rise of the fitness lifestyle I was living at the time was in full force. Training and exercise were the focus. Nutrition was necessary, but it was mostly about building muscle and, to some extent, burning fat. Deep down, though, I somehow knew how I was eating was coming at the cost of my health. Other aspects of lifestyle were barely talked about back then.

One day, at my facility, I received a rag magazine called the ‘Health Reporter.’ Its author bought a mailing list, and my hardcore bodybuilder’s gym was on it; likely, mistakenly. It spoke of the principles of health, which I had never heard before, and what a healthy lifestyle was all about it. Focused primarily on nutrition, it profoundly impacted me, and there was no turning back.

Not one to kick wisdom to the side, and within a matter of a year, I sold my gym, and started studying health and evangelizing. It transformed me, prompting me to lose over 75 lbs., and re-build my body, now healthy. It would also change the rest of my career.

Soon enough, I learned about a little-known, but long-lived organization called the Natural Hygiene Society, now called the National Health Association. It publishes Health Science Magazine, and its doctors and Physicians focus on the science of health through healthy living. There, I discovered the foundation of my future work and Joel Fuhrman MD—a world-class athlete who first understood health and human performance before becoming a medical doctor specializing in nutritional excellence.

I remember saying, “ wow, that guy has got it right, and he’s going to influence many people, including me!”

At various points throughout my career, I helped Dr. Fuhrman with his books, and at one point, the launch of DrFuhrman Online, which is today the home of the Nutritarian Diet; the paradigm-busting, intelligent approach to eating that is helping millions of people live longer and live better worldwide.

And so, it came to pass. Dr. Fuhrman is one of the most prolific thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners of nutritional excellence in the world. He re-wrote the book on nutritional excellence and is the author of the mega-bestsellers ‘Eat to Live’ and ‘Eat for Health’ among six bestselling books like ‘Super Immunity,’ ‘Disease Proof Your Child,’ ‘Fasting and Eating for Health’ and ‘Fast Food Genocide.’

Dr. Fuhrman is also the founder of the Nutritional Research Foundation, publishing groundbreaking research on the impact of nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet-style on disease conditions most people attribute to gender or age when they’re not; they are caused by what you are eating.

In my career, and as a natural innovator, and lifestyle entrepreneur I wanted to answer the question—how do you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle while achieving even your most ambitious goals?

Learning how to eat “nutrient-rich” inspired me to give rise of a whole new lifestyle that included, but went well beyond nutrition and fitness; applying the new paradigm of ‘living better’ to all the essential aspects of healthy human performance and the lifestyle that bridges the gap between one’s health and success.

In modern-day society, rife with excess stress and fatigue, I’ve learned first-hand, knowing how to do that is the vital skill set. That’s why you see links on this site to the Performance Lifestyle®.

With food and nutrition still the primary manner in which people begin to change their lifestyle, this website publishes influential articles that will improve the way you eat and live for the better, forever.

  1. You will discover powerful content published by Dr. Fuhrman and me, John Allen Mollenhauer on eating a whole food, nutrient-rich diet.
  2. You will discover links to Dr. Fuhrman’s products and offerings that will help you dive deeper into the Nutritarian diet— the Gold Standard for healthy eating.
  3. You will discover links to Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition, where you’ll learn about whole food, nutrient-rich nutrition in the context of your lifestyle along with the never-before-assembled lifestyle formula for living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

Enjoy the articles and the jump-off point to learning the pinnacle in nutrition and lifestyle.

Live like a Pro,

John Allen Mollenhauer

John Allen Mollenhauer,
Lifestyle Coach “JAM” 

Founder, NutrientRich.com. 
Performance Lifestyle Inc. 
Lifetime Solutions to Lifelong Challenges.

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