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High nutrient density eating is an approach to healthy eating that was originally developed by Joel Fuhrman M.D. to help millions of people to lose weight and reverse chronic diseases.

As a protege, Performance Lifestyle trainer and coach, John Allen Mollenhauer developed to further develop what it means to eat healthy in the context of one’s lifestyle for energy, health, and performance.

Here, you’ll learn from both with unique content and links to the true solutions for health and balanced living.

When it comes to eating, you’ll quickly shorten your “journey” by reading the book Eat to Live. This is the gold standard for healthy eating for those who are ready to get it and get on with their lives.

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The Nutrient Rich® Promise

If you are looking to get completely free of food addiction, you want to nourish and detoxify your body, stabilize and strengthen your immune system and eat an optimal diet that tastes great and can be eaten in simple, quick and easy ways, then simply start eating to live.

Start eating Nutrient Rich!

Nourish, detoxify, stabilize, strengthen and optimize the way YOU eat.

Learn About the 5 Core Functions of Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition

Dr. Fuhrman

Dr. Fuhrman

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Being healthy includes staying up to date with the latest information about health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Read below for the very latest trends, tips, advice, and scientific research.

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