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Eat to Live Podcast Episode

In this episode of the Eat to Live Podcast, you’ll hear nutritional strategies to win the war on cancer. Plus, Dr. Fuhrman weighs in on his daughter’s daily diet (and tells her why she should eat arugula)!
Here’s a taste from the latest episode: “I was always nervous about both pathogenic bacteria and viruses spreading in the modern world, with our population being so immuno-suppressed and cancer-susceptible, that their bodies are really exposed to this possibility of having novel microorganisms. COVID is not going to be the last [disease] that comes along; we’re going to see these organisms come along at a faster rate, not a slower rate. We’re going to have more new organisms, more dangerous microbiome species spread through the modern world. As the world becomes more populated in the future, with modern travel, and the fact that we’re so interconnected.   The point is: Unless you take really great care of yourself, we’re going to be back in the same position all over again a few years from now when some other new virus starts to explode through the modern world. The only way we can really protect yourselves against these infections that are going to continue to arise – new infections – is through superior nutrition, and it’s the same nutritional program that protects you against cancer. “  

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