It’s a Genuine Nutrition Transition

Switching to Nutrient-Rich healthy eating is a genuine nutrition transition away from nutrient-poor diets to a nutrient-rich healthy eating style you can call your own. Away from the Standard American Diet (SAD), and trying to deal with the negative consequences of the SAD, by engaging in weight loss-only diets, only to realize that focusing on weight loss alone does not work, or for long, and is all so unhealthy because it’s based on nutrient-poor foods most of the time. People in these nutrient poor zones of eating haven’t yet discovered nutrient-rich healthy eating.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there. On the way to healthy eating, after years of eating the standard American diet and struggling with weight and health complications, and then one hyped-up weight loss-only diet after another, people finally realize that “diet’s don’t work” and that healthy eating is the only solution that will work in both the short and long term. But what happens next is challenging. Most people then get caught up in half-baked healthier diets that may be “plant based,” “gluten free,” “low glycemic,” “natural,” or a seemingly smart choice, but are still loaded with refined and added salt, oil, and sugar– too processed and overly cooked to yield all the benefits of nutrient-rich foods. This zone of eating is practically a new and emerging SAD. It’s better, healthier, and so seductive, as you eat most of the foods you are used to eating, in practically the same way you used to, only now just a little healthier version, and you think you are eating healthy, but in most cases you are not. It’s more of the same.

The Switch to Rich is about moving away from SAD diets, weight loss-only diets, and half-baked healthier diets, and aiming for Nutrient-Rich Healthy Eating where you get all the benefits of a genuinely healthy eating style. In this Green “Nutrient Zone” real food is your health food, and so called “health” food is your junk food. Junk food you don’t even entertain. You also break free of the diet traps and there are many! Matter of fact, I would say that a good percentage maybe as high as 80% of a solid nutrition education is about what you no longer need to do, and what you need to get free of, not what you actually need to do to eat healthy and enjoy your food.

When you Eat Your Way up to 90% or More, Plant-Based, Nutrient-Rich foods in a well-structured way, you’ll get all the benefits of healthy eating.

Of course it’s challenging in a world driven by economics and distribution, where there are countless interests vested in disease-causing foods and a long shelf life, but that doesn’t mean aim low, it mean’s Switch to Rich– nutrient-rich healthy eating, nonetheless.

Learn how to get all the benefits you want, and when you can’t eat ideally, the way you like, you do the best you can. Whatever you do, don’t aim low and stay stuck, unknowingly, in the diet traps that prevent you from getting all the benefits of a genuinely healthy eating style.

Welcome to where you can get all the benefits of healthy eating without having to be perfect or sacrifice great taste! 

Enjoy eating!

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