The Mother Lode Insight Into Eating Healthy

Mother loadImagine having no problems with food…

…literally having no issues with eating healthy (nutrient rich) and desiring to do so more than eating in any other way; nutritionally speaking, of course.

I say “nutritionally speaking” because some food problems have nothing to do with nutrition and have everything to do with Your Lifestyle, which is one of the primary reasons why we offer * The Lifestyle Club to train ourselves on how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully.

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So, what’s this “mother lode” insight?

The central tenant of eating healthy (successfully) is this: eating foods that have a high micronutrient density (vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals), a/k/a “nutrient rich” foods, and appropriate (natural) amounts of protein, carbohydrates and essential fats in their most basic form (amino acids, glucose and essential fatty acids) up to 90% of the time or more.

When you eat nutrient rich foods you nourish and detoxify your body, strengthen and stabilize your immune system; actually, all systems. At once, you are both eating foods that proactively keep you clean due to the high levels of antioxidant and protective phytonutrients (the largest category of nutrients in a nutrient-rich food) and don’t load you up with substances that cause food addiction, the overweight condition and health complications.

We refer to these nutrient rich, calorie appropriate and clean foods as “Superfoods” and this is why a Nutrient Rich healthy eating style, is also known as “Superfood Eating”.  And you don’t have to live on exotic foods from a far away country to eat in the amazing way; most of the nutrient-rich superfoods are available at your local grocery story.

I promise, if you keep this insight in mind, most of the times you eat and challenge yourself to eat More Plant Based Nutrient Rich, with the aim of one day eating your way up to 90% or More; with “Superfood Eating”, you will build a nutrient rich body, and soon experience health and performance results very few people have ever experienced in history. Eventually, you will have no problems with food.

Start right now by Adding Superfoods Into Your Life, or, begin learning how to eat Nutrient Rich > Learn more about ADD, CHANGE, & CHALLENGE approach to Superfood Eating.

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