Still Waters The Global Fishing Crisis

Next time you think it’s just another meal to eat fish or chicken, as if it was a health food, so you can get your protein (which really comes from plants) consider this…

High-tech harvesting and wasteful management have brought world fish stocks to dangerous lows. This story explores the fish crisis—as well as the hope for a new relationship between man and the sea. New Zealand marine reserves are a model for the world.

Recently, while complete the Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell, as part of the course, I wrote a letter to my Senators:

Dear Senators Lautenberg and Menedez,

I am writing you with a message of grave importance. Do you know the costs of that piece of tuna you ate today?

Do you know how many layers of marine life needed to be fed and consumed in order for you to have that seemingly innocuous piece of fish?

It’s staggering, to consider the cost in marine life from the algae to the tuna, and the destruction to our ocean environment that is taking place in that process to land that piece of tuna on your plate.

Our agrifactory methods of farming and fishing are in bed together; overuse of nitrogen contain fertilizers and factory farm runoff, the dumping of manufacturing chemical like mercury and the wide spread use of trolling to gain a larger share of the 10% of the original population of fish that are left across several species by yet more and more fishing companies trying to serve “protein” to a population of people who don’t know that protein comes from plants, is killing our oceans and will ultimately kill all the tuna.

It’s not innocuous to eat that tuna, which is requiring hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce and throwing the whole system out of whack from too high energy costs to environmental costs that are not sustainable.

Just watch this video from National Geographic.

I am writing you today, not as a crazy health nut or environmentalist who many people in denial think are crazy but are really sane, to help you see the the insanity of the situation that is happening on your watch. Not because of you, but around you, who is in a position of power to help the rest of us gain some traction.

Can you help me send some messages to our state that a plant based diet is a better way to go? We will supply the information from highly credible sources.

You’re help here will have a big impact on generations to come.

Thank you,
John Allen Mollenhauer

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