Dr Oz May Have Put the Squeeze on Apple Juice a Drop

Dr Oz and Oprah now have something very much in common, they have both drawn negative attention to the product of an industry from a very widely listened-to pulpit. In the case of Oprah, and Howard Lyman, it was the comment “I’ll never eat another hamburger again” from Oprah that spurred a lawsuit from the Texas Cattlemen, which was settled after quite long and expensive ordeal. My thoughts are that it was a justified comment she made about the ills of beef consumption. Even if you like eating beef, it does not promote health and longevity, as it is a toxic, nutrient-poor food.

In this case, where Dr. Oz is calling out apple juice, for it’s natural levels of arsenic, calling it “unsafe”.

Oz claimed that apple juice contains high levels of arsenic that are unsafe—higher levels than are allowed in drinking water. This can lead to cancer and kidney problems.

I’m not so sure about the natural levels of arsenic. First, I want to be clear that I’m not sure how many cases of illness or death can be attributed to kids drinking apple juice. And while I am sure it’s a great deal less than those attributed to beef consumption, I’m confident Dr Oz has some insight here. I’m curious, so I’ll research this.

Was this for publicity? I don’t think so; Dr Oz, has plenty of that. It could have been a real off the cuff remark. I don’t think Oprah intended to create the uproar she did either. We’ll see how he responds. We’ll see. I’m not quick to judge.

I think the real story here is what I read on the Patch, from a working mom in my home town, who is up in alms about the now convicted apple juice. How is she going to feed her child if even boxed apple juice is “no longer sacred”?

Here’s a clip from her article:

OK, so let me get this straight, I can no longer send my child to school with the all American lunch, peanut butter and jelly—possible peanut allergies, on white bread—bleached flour bad, those cute little carrots—I got that email saying they were dangerous and dipped in chlorine—now I have to peel the regular ones again—thank you very much, Oreos—xactly whose idea was it to put the calories and fat content on the labels? And now, an apple juice box. Is nothing sacred?

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The real issue is that boxed apple juice is NOT sacred and not is the rest of the lunch she pointed out. It’s the reason why we have an overweight and chronically sick population of children in this country who are addicts to antibiotics for every headache, flu symptom, cold, fever etc they so regularly experience. Apple juice, for instance, is a sugar-laden, pasteurized, sugar-spiking, insulin-releasing future diabetes-promoting liquid that has past for “All American” along with every other fast food to ensure our kids go out in the world every day with foods that appear healthy but are really nutrient poor foods that allow all our working moms and dads to keep pace with all they have to do. Of course these nutrient poor foods, drive the kids to over consume, crave more sugar, and get more overweight and sick.

Ok maybe a little dramatic sounding (real nonetheless), but that apple juice is not real juice.

How do I don’t that this is a major issue, and why do I feel like I have a worthy opinion on this?

First. Fruit juice, even if it comes from whole natural foods and from a juicer is not really a good idea. Even the real deal, freshly squeezed juices (not including vegetable juices) are often panned in the natural foods world, because of too much natural sugar infusing the body, without the fiber that’s there to buffer it.

Now, take that juice, pasteurize it, kill it, sweeten it, box it, and you have a drink that is not fit for a child to begin with.

As the publisher of Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating for Life, I have learned a thing or two about healthy eating and one thing is this. All the reasons in the world, don’t justify feeding children nutrient poor food, even if you are incredibly busy. There is always a way. Yes it may include some grumbling at the start, but in the end it’s worth it.

Yet, I don’t want to sound too stand offish, disregarding this staff writers comments about time and exhaustion. They are very valid. After all I am not a woman, and I am not responsible for feeding a stable of kids every day. So I don’t want to put my foot in my own mouth. Some of her time grievances are totally valid; comments about the All American diet, not included.
By the same token I am a man who is responsible for a great many people’s income with more tasks that I can possibly get done in a day, so I too can make all kinds of issues about time, energy and space to live healthy.

That is why, in addition to publishing nutrientrich.com I am a performance lifestyle practitioner to proactively manage stress and enhance my energy, and help others do the same at The Lifestyle Coaching Center, in Livingston NJ. There is more to living a healthy lifestyle successfully, than healthy eating.

But regarding this issue, I offer this.

Many people think they are feeding their kids healthy foods, and they are not; a basic or accelerated nutritional education will reveals this in short order. Nutrient-rich healthy eating is not as convenient as the standard form of “healthy eating”, where everything passes as “healthy” even though it may be known to cause obesity. Although, Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating is quickly becoming more convenient, now that companies are answering the revolutionary call for more nutrient rich foods. You just have to tune it.

Knowing that, I don’t see any reason to fight for a food that causes problems, even it it’s convenient.

Nutrient Rich Healthy eating, takes healthy eating a needed step further. To eat real food, requires you make lifestyle changes. If you don’t have the time or space or knowledge or experience to know how to feed your kids real food in their natural (or close to) their natural state in great tasting ways, you should look into these changes. I assure you, there are very busy women and men feeding their kids nutrient-rich foods right now. Yes it may be initially inconvenient, as every change is, but hey I’m sure you really do want your children to have a longer life expectancy than you.

I think you can save time by feeding your kids nutrient rich foods, and sidestep this whole debate about apple juice. Boxed apple juice is not good, regardless of the arsenic. Focus your time on how to create a stable of Nutrient Rich kids!

I think you can save time by feeding your kids nutrient rich foods, and sidestep this whole debate about apple juice. Boxed apple juice is not good, regardless of the arsenic. Focus your time on how to create a stable of nutrient-rich kids.

Your child needs to simply eat the apple, or blend the apple as part of a smoothie with the fiber still in it, or eat as part of sorbet or ice pop, and drink water. Even more important, they need to get educated on nutrient rich healthy eating in a context that they will understand and be motivated by so that the parents are responsible for feeding them all the time. They need to develop some volition of their own. The sooner the better.

Bottom Line: Apple juice in a box, is not the way. it’s nutrient barren. There are proven ways, even for busy parents to begin helping their kids make the switch to nutrient rich foods.

It just takes a little time, knowledge and experience.

I understand this person’s plight, I just hope she picks her battles, and that’s not it. What is, is learning the nutrient rich way to eat.

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