Becoming Nutrient-Rich in 2010!

You are what you eat picture, credit vegsource.comThis morning, as I woke up for the first Monday in 2010, I was greeted by an article written by the Bluebird Market, the “Eco-friendliest local growers and artisans organic market”.

It said, Becoming Nutrient-Rich in 2010.

That is a rally cry if I’ve ever heard one because it says something very powerful and something we assert here at – the more you eat Nutrient Rich foods, the more you become Nutrient Rich!

That’s right, your body builds and becomes more nutrient rich the more you eat a nutrient rich vegetable based diet, with beans, fruits, raw nuts and seeds and whole grains at least 90% of the time.

Forget for the moment, all the ins and outs, nuances, and facts and figures that are involved in the art and science of eating nutrient rich foods. For now, just think about feeding your body great tasting foods that fuel your body, and provide the best raw materials to grow and develop.

When you do, you literally become “nutrient rich”.

What’s so powerful about this, is that unlike most people who are a withdrawal headache away from needing to eat more food, when you become Nutrient Rich, you not only don’t get the withdrawal headaches or suffer from cravings due to “toxic hunger”, as accurately calls it, but you naturally eat less food.

That’s right, when you become Nutrient Rich, the result of eating better foods for a significant period of time, you will naturally eat less food, live healthier and longer that way because your needs have been met.

It’s the basic law of quality selection which states –

When the quality of the nutriment being received by the living organism is higher than that of the present living tissue, the organism will discard lower grade cells to make room for appropriating the superior materials into new and healthy tissue.

You literally become Nutrient Rich and don’t have to eat nearly as much to satisfy hunger. Matter of fact (and some actually find this to be a challenge, including me), you will hardly ever feel hungry when you become Nutrient Rich.

You don’t become Nutrient Rich over night, it takes time, but eventually, your body builds this way, and your nutrient buckets are almost always filled. It’s the reason why a 200+ guy like me can get away with less than 2000 calories per day, even when in a lightly athletic mode, without even thinking about it.

The reason is simple, I often have stored energy from my last several meals, because they were likely all Nutrient Rich, 90% or more.

If you are in the area, visit the Bluebird Market.

John Allen Mollenhauer

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