Case Study: Living Barley Grass and the 25% Positive Change


Experience a 25% Positive Change in Your Results…. or more with Living Barley Grass – the New Warrior Drink

The other day we got an email from Jon Hinds, one of the worlds most accomplished trainers and a lifestyle, health and science adviser to He trains Tony Robbins, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore, not to mention, many of the NBA athletes and thousands of people all over the country who are members of his Monkey Bar Gym chain—The Worlds Healthiest Gym in the world.

Jon Hinds is someone I introduced to plant based, nutrient rich eating, almost 10 years ago, when Jon was having a problem with arthritis, following a traditional fitness or body builders diet rich in animal protein. In the above link Jon Explains How I Overcame Crippling-Arthritis and Returned to Elite Level Fitness.

Here’s what he said…

We’re killing it here! Average positive change is off the charts and ALL are doing it eating 90% or more plant based nutrient rich, and all are 100% making it a live-able way to eat for long term too! No 60 day diets!

Average before this recent challenge was 12lb fat loss, 5.4lb muscle gain = 17.4 positive change which is great! BUT this challenge we’re averaging about 22-23lb positive change!!!

Good to hear you’re doing so well too my friend!!

People love your products!

What Jonny (as I call him) is talking about, is Living Barley Grass and some of the other superfood nutrition products we offer here at His members have been drinking Living Barley Grass and Living Feast as part of the 60-day challenge he offers at the Monkey Bar Gyms around the country.

    I suggested he use these nutrient rich superfood drinks to help participants infuse their body with a wide array of micronutrients so they wouldn’t be so compelled to over fuel their body, particularly after intensive workouts when their body is screaming for micronutrients and amino acids… and is using stored reserves of calories (fat) to meet their needs.

 I suggested that they don’t necessarily need a big meal after workouts with more calories than they need, even if it is healthy. And with Jon’s guidance, the net effect was a 25% increase in overall positive change.

Living Barley Grass and The 60 day challenge

One of the top programs which monkey bar gym is gaining quiet fame past one year is for -The 60 day challenge. This is a fitness program combined with plant based diet, very much like our 90/90 challenge at nutrient rich. The product that’s being featured in the challenge is our own Rezealiant Living Barley Grass – kiwi and lime flavor. It is a total hit!

This is what Jon hinds have to say about barley grass “yeah we’re killing it here! Average positive change is off the charts. The average was before this challenge 12lb fat loss, 5.4lb muscle gain = 17.4 positive change which is great! But in this challenge we’re averaging about 22-23lb positive change!!! Barley grass has been making amazing positive impact as; it’s SOOOO much easier for folks to get green and lean without all the juicer hassles 🙂


1 It’s an easy way to get your greens without the hassle of juicing.

2. Its tasty, convenient, no excess protein, low calories and it infuses your muscles and cells with micronutrients and amino acids.

3. As part of a nutrient rich “superfoods” based, healthy eating style, this superfood delivers what the body needs, does not deliver any significant amount of what it does not need and when consumed in a carefully processed (milled) state, (given it is a grass with very tough fiber) it nutrifies and detoxifies the body and is capable speeding up recovery.

It’s also gluten free!

Barley has been a superfood staple for thousands of years.

And by now you may have heard us or others explain how it provides a very balanced nutrient profile (vitamins minerals, and hundreds of phytochemicals) as well as amino acids… a full body of nutrition.

Did you know this one historical fact? The Roman army and the Gladiators ate it to fuel their training, long marches, and battles. And that is exactly what the founder of Monkey Bar Gym – Jon Hinds wanted for his warriors in The 60 day challenge.

So if it worked for the gladiators and the members of the Monkey Bar Gym, maybe you’d like to give it a try if you are interested in fueling your long march in life and training… You can learn more here about Living Barley Grass and other Superfood Nutrition products, and the benefits, including those from our partners.

Here is a small intro on the Monkey Bar Gym MBG

MBG was created by Jon Hinds in 2000 and that was the beginning of a fitness revolution. MBG’s are the only gyms in the nation to integrate full-body skills training for strength, speed and stamina; and follow plant-based diet. And just like how we teach in Nutrient Rich “Eat 90 % or more plant based nutrient rich diet”, they strive to eat 90% plants or plant-based whole foods, and only 10%, or less, from animal or processed foods!

Check out the Monkey Bar Gym today!

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