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Nutrient Rich is all about Healthy Eating for Life.

It's a breakthrough in how we view the food's we eat.

The reason is simple, if you want to eat to live more successfully, optimally healthy, at or near your ideal weight, all while aging slower and looking younger and maximize your longevity, Nutrient Rich is THE WAY to eat. No other eating style can claim to deliver all 5 of these benefits. 

Elvis has left the building!

You've probably heard for years how you should be "eating more fruits and vegetables" in your diet, but I'm with Dr. Fuhrman on this, I almost completely disagree with this philosophy, as if adding small amounts of fruits and vegetables to your diet is somehow going to make your diet and you more healthy. Ok, maybe a little.

But as a belief (a story we tell over and over again), we do not need to to ADD more fruits and vegetables to our diet, we need to comprise our diet predominantly of vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, raw nuts seeds and whole grains and the countless meals and menus you can derive from these first class food categories, and if you want to add small amounts of nutrient poor animal products and refined foods into your diet, go ahead. 

That's a very different message. That' Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating.

I often make light (when I'm speaking) when talking about the person who eats pastry only to follow it up with a "broccoli chaser" so they can feel better, as if the healthy vegetable voided out the toxic, addiction-reinforcing nature of the pasty that went before it. It doesn't work that way. Your body now has both the pastry and the broccoli to contend with; and the pastry will cause a great deal of accumulative damage when your body has to digest, absorb, assimilate, store, burn, and eliminates that pastry. It's not food, it's a food "stuff" that the body does not need. 

So why would someone eat a pastry?

It's a "food addiction" for sure, but they will tell you that they just "enjoy the taste" and they should be able to eat whatever they want. It's true, you can eat whatever you want, just remember you can't just eat whatever and get the results you want. The interesting thing, is that the person who is eating nutrient-rich, will say the same thing. Why do they eat what they eat, "because it tastes good". No eating style can be successful if it's not great tasting and Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating is GREAT TASTING, just wait until you see the Nutrient Rich Food and Recipe Videos!

The problem is, people fear change, and they are also scared to experience a little discomfort, which is why they are locked into their current way of eating. They are addicted to toxic foods, so much so, that the primary benefit of great tasting foods that are "healthy" (which is how we should really refer to nutrient-rich foods), which are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, becomes a negative (at least in terms of how you feel) in the short term.

In other words, phytochemical-rich foods, clean you out. They actually turn on your immune system. If you eat a nutrient rich foods and you don't feel good, then you haven't been eating Nutrient Rich for long. It's amazing at how powerful the nutrients in the broccoli really are, when they are not overwhelmed by the pastry and can do their work; and chances are, if you're diet is full of calorie-rich pastries, you're not getting much broccoli anyway, broccoli especially prepared The Nutrient Rich Way is a great tasting food. You'll see. It's just the tip of the ice burg! 

Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating for Life, requires desire like anything else, but don't confuse desire for willpower.

Willpower is needed when something requires "efforting", when it's neither simple or easy, or uncomfortable etc. And I would be lying if I said that making the Switch to Rich did not require at least some will power at the start. Not because it's hard, but because you have to clean out from your previous usual diet first, to get the full benefit. You have to somewhat readjust your taste buds, and develop the desire for great tasting foods that are now healthy, not toxic.

Desire is natural.

Developing desire is a transition and if you want to desire nutrient-rich healthy eating for life where 1) eating to live more successfully, 2) optimally healthy, 3) at or near your ideal weight… all while 4) aging slower and looking younger and 5) maximize your longevity is your new normal then you will need to face at least some uncomfortable changes at the start. The rewards are beyond worth it.

Consider it a badge of honor once you get through the transition. 

You'll be able to make the Switch to Rich pretty quickly, but there is a reason why people just don't eat more fruits and vegetables and all of a sudden they are eating healthy for life. There is a transition involved and without inspiration, education and support, the majority of people will just keep on keeping on, eating the same nutrient poor diet they are used to and they'll tell you every story under the sun why they can't; that's what we do when we are addicted to stuff, like nutrient poor foods; we just make excuses! 

I promise you, if you follow our guidance here at, healthy eating (not dieting) will be your way of life and you will get ALL the benefits! 

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