What’s Fueling You?

By John Allen Mollenhauer, Founder, Nutrient Rich Superfoods

When we put together Superfood Infusions, we asked one simple question: What’s fueling you?

Our passion is to help moms, dads, and families who are all on the go to maintain excellent health and maximize personal energy with organic superfood products. We want to help you look, feel, and perform at your very best. We don’t want people to have to compromise the way they eat just because they don’t have the time to shop, prepare, sit down, and clean up from a healthy homemade meal, or even eat out for that matter.

Too often in our modern, busy lives, we end up eating whatever, whenever it’s there, which reinforces the SAD (Standard American Diet) for most of us. But this is changing with the re-emergence of plant-based nutrition and the introduction of 100% organic, non-gmo, whole food, natural products that are:

  1. Great tasting
  2. Super convenient
  3. Incredibly healthy

In their natural form, nutrient-rich superfoods look like the photo below. These are the original natural products. We want you to eat more of these plant-based, nutrient-rich superfoods in the original packaging nature provided as often as you can. Well, maybe the dark chocolate isn’t in its original packaging, but you get the point.

We inspire, educate, and support you in eating a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet of vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, raw nuts and seeds, and whole grains, combined into the countless meals and menus you can create from this amazing class of foods!

But when you can’t due to time, energy, or convenience factors, Nutrient Rich Superfoods provides organic natural products with recyclable packaging to meet your needs.

Our premier line, Superfood Infusions™, begins with Daily Essentials. Each 7.5 oz. pouch provides the nutrition of a whole-food mini meal of 150-190 nutrient-dense calories in a shelf-stable, portable, easy-squeeze, reclosable pouch.  These proprietary blends of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds are 100% plant based (vegan and paleo-friendly) and are ideal for pre-workout fuel and healthy snacking to tide you over during the day.

Superfood Infusions ensure that you get at least 2 servings of fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 rich seeds every day, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

Otherwise known as Performance Lifestyle nutrition, eating plant-based “nutrient-rich” superfoods up to 90% of the time or more, frees up your energy for what’s most important in your life. It keeps your body nourished and detoxified, stabilized and strong, and reinforces an optimally healthy way of eating.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind: the better you eat, the less you need to eat, as you meet your nutrient needs with less calories. This frees up tons of energy!

Here at Nutrient Rich™ Superfoods, we are all about developing superfood products that keep you fueled and feeling good throughout the day. We are passionate about making healthy, performance-enhancing ways of eating easier than they’ve ever been before, and we will continue to innovate new products based on our customer’s needs (your needs), so that you and your family can have have the best quality of life possible.

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