The 5 Functions of Performance Lifestyle Nutrition

Did you know that eating “nutrient rich” is also known as Performance Lifestyle Nutrition? It’s a term that emphasizes the five core ways nutrient-rich foods are working for you the minute these healthy foods cross your lips. It’s comprehensive, and that’s why it works!

Hyper-focus on single-issue dietary changes does not produce the results everyone wants (supreme health, fitness, energy, fat loss, and enjoyment of food). It is not sufficient to merely lower calories, reduce fat or carbohydrate intake, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, increase your intake of plant protein, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods.

Some or all of these steps are beneficial. But you must also make food choices that maximize the micronutrients per calorie. When you do, you’ll see and feel the difference. Nutrient-rich foods contain a wide array of micronutrients that perform five key functions in your body from the moment you eat them. The effects are especially noticeable when you are consuming a diet that is 90% or more plant-based, nutrient-rich foods.

The Western diet has been devoid of these micronutrients for a long time, and American health and human performance suffers as a result. The good news is that Performance Lifestyle Nutrition—knowledgeably, conveniently, and deliciously loading your eating choices with whole, nutrient-rich superfoods—supplies and/or replenishes the wide array of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and fibers that are missing from so many people’s diets.

 Get that one aspect of nutrition right, and you’ll get almost every other function of nutrition right!

When life is simply too busy and fast-paced to sit down for a whole-foods, nutrient-dense meal (as it is for all of us at times), Nutrient Rich Superfoods has your back with great-for-you Superfood products like Superfood Infusions™, the powerhouse, on-the-go nutritional snack with premium ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and innovative packaging. With Superfood Infusions™, you get the nutrient-rich superfoods that are the cornerstones of Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition in a great-tasting, convenient, organic, grab n’ go flexible pouch.

Learn more about each of the 5 core functions of Performance Lifestyle Nutrition – Nutrient Rich!
The 5 core functions of Performance Lifestyle Nutrition by John Allen Mollenhauer

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