Did You Know That Your Diet Can Prevent Wrinkles and Cause Slower Aging–Ensuring That You Live Longer?

If there is one thing both women and men love (even though it’s not something men really talk about much), it’s aging slower. While men get applauded for their distinguished look, women love to be told they look younger. Despite the cultural story around aging, one thing rings true for both sexes–each wants to age with less wrinkles. And, who doesn’t want less wrinkles, or to prevent wrinkling of the face? Did you know that slower aging, which happens via the nutrient-rich foods we eat, ensures slower aging?

While a high-nutrient density “nutrient-rich” diet is part of the answer–it’s not the whole answer. Stress and personal energy management also go a long way toward determining how fast you age and how many wrinkles will show up on your face. Nonetheless, it’s a very close second, making eating healthy, in particular, eating “nutrient rich,” a most effective way to age slower. As you may know–aging slower is one of The 7 Healthy Success Results Every Body Wants.

According to the research of Michael Greger, M.D, our NutritionFacts nutritional research partner, on average, eating more micronutrient-rich green and yellow vegetables was associated with less facial wrinkles. The great potential of this research finding is not only it’s potential to promote slower aging–it is also the potential for it to promote a nutrient-rich healthy diet, since eating healthy is the no-nonsense way to keep your cells healthy and vital.

You can learn more about how to prevent wrinkles, with diet, by watching the video here.

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