The Great Health Debate – Listen In as 14 Experts Debate Which Diet is Best for You

There’s a lot of debate about what diet is best for you…

No matter what type of food you eat, there will always be a group of people and experts who will disagree about which diet works and what doesn’t.

What’s most fascinating is that if you were to collect all the experts and put them in the same room, they’d agree on many things.  Healthy and successful diets have many of the same elements included in them.

But, what are those elements?

Health author, Kevin Gianni, has set out to gather a collection of 14 of the world’s top diet experts to find out the answer to just that – which elements of diet are most important.

You can listen into this groundbreaking event for free online starting February 6th, 2010.

Here’s where to read more and sign up now:

This group of bestselling experts includes vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters – all in the same online forum – that will share some of their science and research to help you make your diet the best it can be – which means allow you get the energy you deserve, help you 1ose weight and get rid of those nagging creaks, cracks and strange pains you feel as you get a little older.

Some of the 14 experts include Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Sally Fallon, Dr. Robert Young, Donna Gates, David Wolfe, Jonny Bowden, Mike Adams, T. Colin Campbell and more.  Combined, this group has sold over 5 million books on diet, done tens of thousands of lectures and seen over 300,000 patients.

This once in a lifetime event is called “The Great Health Debate” and its purpose is to let the experts debate their experience with diet and share their knowledge with you.

To listen in to this online event is completely free.  You can read more or sign up now here:

By the way, there are also two or three special experts that are not in the line up yet, that will blow you away, so be sure to sign up and wait for that special announcement!

PS: My Prediction:

  • There is going to be a basic meeting of the minds that vegetables are healthy.There is going to be a fundamental disagreement about the health promoting value of meat, saturated fat, raw milk etc. The plant based pro’s are going to acknowledge that small amounts of animal products (10% or less) is doable without much measurable negative impact on health. The Paleo people will promote smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and hold true to either a predominantly animal based diet, or a diet that includes significant quantities of animal products. Those with a raw food orientation will either hold to that ideal, or talk about how they now includes raw animal products with the argument that they feel better. Hopefully, everyone will leave as friends.
  • Here at Nutrient Rich, we will continue with the working definition of a Nutrient Rich diet, and avoid the diet traps!
    Listeners to the debate will have a better understanding of this great health debate.

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