Welcome to a brand New Year!

Its detox time for many people, the New Year has begun and almost everyone wants to clean out from all the holiday eating, set a positive and healthy trajectory for 2014.

Now I know many of our subscribers are already eating very healthy, so you may not need to detoxify. You are already eating in such a naturally nourishing and detoxifying way, you don’t need a “detox plan”.

If that’s you, great, then you’ll pick up a few tips in this post and carry on. The point is, we want everyone by this same time next year to be in the same position – with no need for diet resolutions or detox plans, because they are already eating up to 90% or More Plant-Based, Nutrient Rich and haven’t toxified their body!

For those who aren’t already eating up to 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich, we’ve put together The 7 Day Nourish & Detoxify “Detox Plan” for you that will help you get well on your way to hitting this mark!


To dive in, let’s first take a step back and look at the bigger picture of why we might feel “undernourished” (despite eating plenty of food) and “toxic” in the first place. Both conditions just mentioned are the result of consuming foodstuffs that do not naturally nourish and detoxify the body on a regular basis, let alone during a detox plan, period. Simple enough, right?

Eating “micronutrient poor” foods results in both undernourishment and toxic overwhelm, because the foodstuffs consumed not only won’t meet your nutrient needs, they also contain substances your body does not need, and both promote over eating.

Eat micronutrient poor foods at any time of the year, in any “significant amount” (more than 10% of your diet) and the pounds will creep up and up, and up while your health diminishes, even if you’re not eating refined junk foods and think a low carb, high animal protein diet is healthy, when it’s not. This is a fact.

Driven To Overeat: The Two Primary Reasons

  1. Whenever you don’t meet your nutrient needs, your body will keep eating until it’s satisfied. You need to nourish.
  2. Toxic withdrawal from nutrient poor foods is uncomfortable and prompts you to eat again to blunt the discomfort. You need to detoxify.

It is for those two reasons that most people have a detox plan at this time of year, but what you want to be doing is “nourishing and detoxifying” so that you can stabilize and strengthen your immune system. Detoxing with methods that are not also highly nourishing may “dynamite your colon,” and cause you to lose a few pounds but they won’t stabilize your eating habits.

ACC BANNERHere at the start of the year, adding nutrient rich superfoods to the way you eat and concentrating these foods for at least 7 days will stabilize the way you eat. It’s a “detox plan” for marketing purposes, but it’s really more than that; it’s a jump start to a healthy “superfood” eating style and it will enable you to experience a level of health you can’t get eating any other way.  Only a highly nourished and detoxified body will experience the level of health required to stabilize and feel strong eating healthy.

People think they are eating healthy but they aren’t, and this is the reason why they stay addicted to eating nutrient poor foods. If you haven’t read Wow, I Thought I Was Eating Healthy, then do so now.

Why is it important to drink vegetable and vegetable and fruit juices (combined) and or smoothies, and also begin eating nutrient rich greens-based meals?

It’s simple; a strong immune system is your greatest defense against eating poorly. The quicker your body can begin cleaning or “detoxifying” without overwhelm from the foodstuffs that sent it in the opposite direction of health in the first place, or even eating more concentrated nutrient rich foods; the cleaner your body will get.

So, in a detox plan, you’ll want to eat the most nutrient rich foods, which supply your body with micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals) and macronutrients (amino acids, essential fatty acids and glucose) without taking in excess calories to give your body the freedom it needs to focus it’s energy on detoxification, not digestion. This is a period where you are focused on the golden rules of healthy eating at the highest level.

Give your immune system a chance to do its work, and soon enough it will start getting sharp and very responsive. You’ll be surprised, potentially, at how responsive your immune system really gets when it’s no longer slowed under the burden of so many under nourishing, highly toxic foods that most of us eat each day. Many of the foods that are sold as “healthy” are really not; they’re loaded with too much protein of the wrong kind, saturated fat, cholesterol, arachidonic acid, refined and added salt, oil and sugar.

When you Nourish and Detoxify using juices or juice powders in water or coconut water for up to 3 days, and then start eating balanced, vegetable-based, nutrient-rich meals on day 4 and beyond, it’s only a matter of time before your soon-to-be nourished and detoxified body will start operating at peak.

Once that dynamic kicks into gear, the minute you put an unhealthy food into a now nourished and detoxified body (Ok, maybe 5 minutes later), your now fast-acting immune system will, in no uncertain terms, let you know you’ve eaten poorly, and you will feel it!

And that’s the secret. The quicker you feel the discomfort from eating nutrient poor foods, the less you’ll want to eat them! You’ll avoid the pain, and seek the pleasure of eating Nutrient Rich foods.

Getting to that nourished and detoxified point quicker is why we have put together the Nutrient Rich® Nourish and Detoxify “Detox Plan.”  Thousands of immune system-powering phytochemicals will not only clean you out after the holidays, but will begin to rapidly-repair the damage done by previous years of poor eating habits.

Don’t worry about calories (protein, carbs and fats) for a few days; you’ll still be getting plenty of amino acids, omega 3’s, and glucose to fuel your body and soon you’ll be eating balanced “solid” nutrient rich meals anyway, beginning with the mainstay – The Salad Meal!

If you also want to start eating clean and lose weight naturally, this is the only way to do it healthfully. Natural weight loss only occurs when you are nourishing and satisfying the body with fewer “nutrient rich: calories, and detoxify the body to a point where you aren’t facing regular withdrawal symptoms from previously eaten toxic meals.

“Stabilization” and “strengthening” of your body and eating patterns result when you are no longer craving old food favorites in any significant way, and this is enabled by a clean body bolstered by a strong immune system. This dynamic duo promotes eating when you are truly hungry and for no other reason.

Even if you were to over eat “nutrient rich,” recreationally, it would then just take longer before you were hungry to eat again, but you won’t be driven to eat for either of the 2 reasons mentioned above.

Accomplishing these ends mentioned above, along with the nearly universal desire for increased vitality, which comes when your body is not constantly processing food and has cellular health free of toxicity; doesn’t happen with any other eating style.

Of course there are countless ways to eat nutrient rich, but the basic style is virtually the same for all. If you want to learn more about the Nutrient Rich Health Eating Style, check out our quick action, premium superfood nutrition system. It’s available for $1.00 a month, but hurry this too good to be true price will be gone within the week, and will not last long before it goes back to its original price.

If you also like Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional advice, the Superfood Nutrition System is Nutritarian eating in a nutshell with added features. It’s the most direct path to success, and get’s right to the heart of the matter.

Below you will see The 7 Day Nourish & Detoxify Plan to get started renewing your body here in the New Year. It’s will set you up for success by enabling you to do the foundational work that makes enjoying this eating style and sticking with it a given – Nourishing and Detoxifying your body.

The 7-Day Nourish & Detoxify Plan will get you well on your way into a Nutrient Rich healthy eating style!


Tons of nutrient rich recipes

We put together this sample meal plan as a way of sharing with you just some of the many delicious, nutrient rich eating possibilities for your nourishing detox plan. It includes some of our own recipes from our favorite food blogs and our free nutrient rich recipe database.

Can you create your own recipes? Sure you can, as long as you make sure that you keep those recipes to 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich superfoods cooked without any oil, salt or sugar, especially during a detox period.

If you can go 100% Plant Based (Vegan) for these 7 Days, do it. Why put anything in your system that will slow your progress; then, if you want to or need to, you can include some animal and refined food products up to 10% or less of the time. Chances are though you won’t want them as much as you think you might after these 7 days.


For this detox, you will be eating a liquid meal for breakfast and lunch, and a Juice/smoothie for dinner for the first three days, and a solid meal like a salad meal for dinner from the 4th day forward.  Rezealiant Living’s Organic Superfood Drinks are really useful if you don’t have time to juice, and want a powerful array of powerful nutrient rich foods working in your body. They will save you a great deal of time.

The meal plan is just a suggestion. We included different recipes daily to illustrate all the amazing options out there. If you are ambitious, please feel free to follow the meal plan as shown. If it is too overwhelming for you, feel free to substitute even simpler meals or make larger batches of things to eat for several days. Have fun and enjoy!

For some free recipes, go to The Nutrient Rich® Recipe Database. For Simple, Quick & Easy™ Video Recipes and so much more, including your Nutrient Rich® Score and the 4-Part Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan you can read on your IPad, or IPhone… Become a Premium Member.

If you want help, contact us and schedule a coaching call by phone, Skype or in person at The Lifestyle Coaching Center.

Click on the graphic below to select your Superfood Drink of choice!

Nourish and Detoxify Graphic
*All the recipes are from our Nutriblog.

*For Bonus recipes check out our free recipes or Join our Premium Membership.


  1. diet plan is basically a limited time effort to lose as much weight as possible. Yet there is more than one way to lose weight, and even if you only have 7 days to lose weight, you still have the future to consider, especially if you wish to continue losing weight after those 7 days are over.

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