Are You a Superfoodie


A Super Foodie is anyone who makes a conscious decision to eat healthy. It doesn’t make a difference where you are at the moment, your actions and lifestyle will eventually catch up to the idea as you progress.

Many times people confuse us with foodies, who tend to live in the kitchen. Super Foodies are those of us who eat to live and live to eat the world’s best and healthiest foods for the best results in life. We don’t necessarily spend much time in the kitchen either (some of us like to) or need to spend big at restaurants.

At the same time we are not treating food consumption like a religious affair thinking there is only one way to eat. “If you don’t believe in my god you’re going to hell”. Not. We are inclusive not exclusive.

We are just people who love gathering knowledge on nutrient-rich superfoods, and are into healthy eating. We incorporate superfoods into our daily lives, some more than others and really enjoy the adventure of maximizing our health and life potential.

Our passion is to seek out great-tasting healthy foods, improve health and well-being and athletic performance. Sure our friends and family members often consider us as “food snobs” because we just know too much and are critical at times on the nature of nutrient poor foods or junk foods that our friends and love ones may be caught up with.  Eventually, most of temper down and our intentions are good.

But ask yourself why you would want to eat something that doesn’t give you any nutrition and health benefits when you can actually eat tasty health-promoting foods. A Superfood is a food that promotes your health at an optimal level.

So Super Foodies unite…

The experience of sharing foods is elemental to all cultures, it binds families, brings friends and strangers together, sharing food empowers the human condition. And that is what we are doing. We are sharing nutrient–rich superfoods that are especially beneficial for health and well-being.

So if you’ve crossed the line from “foodie” to “super foodie” and you can relate to what we are talking about here, then you are a Superfoodie; and you should be proud.

Let’s continue to evolve as Super Foodies because the potential of sharing the worlds best and healthiest foods to heal our world and nourish our bodies is unlimited.


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