Are you crazy, eating Nutrient Poor?

You know there are only a few times when I’ll use a typically sarcastic phrase in a serious way, and this is one of them.

It’s crazy to eat a nutrient poor diet. Temporarily convenient perhaps, but crazy nonetheless. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that eating nutrient deficient food is going to make you overweight and sick guaranteed, even with good genetics. Its just takes more time when you have good genetics working for you.

Nutrient Rich is not some feel good term we came up with or overly idealistic, it’s the ultimate trend in eating if you want to look, feel and perform well and of course, enjoy your food.

Isn’t it interesting to learn that you rarely if ever hear any studies implicating Nutrient Rich food in the causation of getting overweight or getting sick?

If they are involved with overweight, it’s because of exhaustion and a lack of activity, not becuase they cause you to get overweight!

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how to eat great tasting Nutrient Rich foods, that are also health promoting?

You have that resource right here at Nutrient Go ahead and get into our heads, we’ll show you how to travel the road less traveled and have more fun and success with food than you ever imagined!

Pretty soon, everyone will be following you.

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