Atkins is dead. Bring on the bread!(Weight loss)

"It provoked hardly a flicker on the American culinary EKG when Atkins–the lifestyle juggernaut that inspired such nonsense as a bunless fast food bacon cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce–breathed its last after the company named for its founder declared bankruptcy earlier this year. Atkins, like so many other American dietary phenomena, turned out to be nothing more than a fad. Worse, it served as further proof that as a nation we will literally do anything to lose weight; that is, other than eating healthier, eating less, and exercising more." – CLub Management

This may have once been true, that is until Nutrient Rich came around.

Eating Healthier never tasted better, and this statement is still selling Nutrient Rich foods, implying that it once tasted base. It never did, we simply never learned how to eating whole foods in great tasting ways; we were trained to eat nutrient poor foods, in great tasting ways, that left us full, unfulfilled and overconsuming.

Remember, economic forces usually win, why else do you think Atkins go wind in it’s sales to begin with… it was a market maker, for everything from filling hospital beds to the sale of thousands of low carb products which are now "off" the shelves, i.e. a fad.

Eating Less? You don’t have to eat less on purpose when you eat Nutrient Rich.

Exercising more? Well when you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, from all the nutrient poor food you’re consuming, you may still have to exercise more, but not as much as people obsessed with weight loss do today. It’s a beatiful thing when the way you eat doesn’t make you fat, you can actually focus on fitness, and this does not require heroics.

Times are changing.

Join the Nutrient Rich Revolution, and lose weight the Nutrient Rich Way, if you have to lose weight; otherwise, eat Nutrient Rich for better health, better quality food and more enjoyment. It’s what happens when you look and feel better after you eat great tasting food.

WHen you eat Nutrient Rich, bread is not even anymore… You’ll learn when and why.



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