Beware of watered down Nutrient Rich Messages…

…becuase what Nutrient Rich means, is not yet understood by the market. This is why exists; to explain what it means and why it’s the new trend for successful eating, better health and weight loss.  

The value proposition of Nutrient Rich is so strong that every food producer for every class and category of food, wants their food product to be defined as Nutrient Rich. And to an unsuspecting public who doesn’t get undertand the definition of Nutrient Rich, it’s easy to fall for watered down messages.

Nutrient Rich is based on the principles of Nutrient Density (ND) which is the foundation of nutritional science and the cornerstone of nutrition itself; but boy, can the fundamentals be easily swept aside, when it comes to commerce and industry.

A good example is this article.

I’ll say it hear, about dairy; (you’ll learn all the ins and outs of why in the book) dairy is not a Nutrient Rich food and neither is cheese. Dairy foods may be rich in some nutrients, but as a whole they are nutrient poor and for good reason. 

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