Candy Industry is now putting nutrients in “candy” targeting fitness enthusiasts

New products include vitamin-laced jelly beans, ginseng chews and more. Apparently energy-packed sports drinks arenâ??t enough. Now there are vitamin-laced jelly beans and ginseng-stoked chews.

You can chase increased energy and good nutrition this way all you want, and both your health and fitnesss will suffer.

What an excuse for new products!

There are thousands of nutrients in whole foods required for great health and better fitness results; do you think it matters if you get some extra vitamin C in a chewy gummy bear wanna be?

Do know how much excess energy you are consuming in order to get a few nutrients in these fake food products?

These people have got to get a grip. Unless you are in an unusual situation, like you are hitting the wall in a triathlon, these products are junk and worthless! Only for rare occassions for when eating these pseudo foods is the best you can do.

If fitness is a goal of yours, and hopefully it is, you will get an introduction to Nutrient Rich Nutrition when you get MyTrainer. Otherwise, learn how to eat whole foods and you wil change the game when it comes to food, satisfaction, health, fitness, weight loss, etc… everything changes!

Steer clear of candy with a couple nutrients in it.

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