DrFuhrman’s Health Getaway 2010 Pictures

There are “health retreats,” and then there’s Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaway! (where I just spent that last 7 days in gastronomic bliss 🙂 Where most health getaways promote eating plans that are hard to follow, lack a scientific foundation, and in the end don’t even make sense (try eating like that when you get home!), Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaway was the exact opposite.

The menus were grounded in the latest research in eating for health, giving us all “hang-your-hat-on-it ” confidence that the science behind what we were eating was as correct and as it was delicious.

That was my experience this past week. It was good to spend time having fun, and not worrying about the consequences of what I just ate.

Here are some pics from the fun time we had at Dr Fuhrman’s Health Getaway.

Dr Fuhrman was very accessible to all.

Nutrient Rich Pizza

Nutrient Rich food in every dish
Mmmm, I love pistachio's

A Simple Breakfast

The Staples

John Allen, Lisa Fuhrman, Joel Fuhrman

After Morning Run
John Allen at dinner with friends
John Allen and Rosie Battista on the Excursion
Ahh, Shade!
Dr Fuhrman and DrFuhrman, Answering questions
Healthy Chocolate Cake
Every nutrient rich meal had the ingredients right next to it.
Nutritional Education Daily

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  1. John Allen, thanks for sharing this great excursion you went on! You look great, happy and refreshed. The food looked to be amazing!

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