Lifestyle Trainer Reveals THE SECRET To EATING Successfully, and Natural Weight Loss…

Eat Better, Not Less!

Lifestyle trainer and founder of, Eat Better, Not Less! John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”, will teach you the most successful way to eat better food, for better health and natural weight loss. “After years of eating the standard American Diet,” and then low cal, low fat and low carb diets to lose weight, says John Allen, “I was experiencing the same low quality of health, diet and weight issues that most people experience. For years I searched for the best way to curtail hunger, be healthier, and get rid of the mystery around how to live at or at least near my ideal weight.”

What John Allen found was a way to eat that made him feel more satisfied than ever before – a way to eat that focused more on what you want in your diet, not what you don’t, that focused on the way to eat better foods rich in all the nutrients you need to succeed, in great tasting ways. He learned that you don’t want to eat less of foods the cause the problem to begin with, that’s dieting; now, John Allen is healthier than ever and is helping thousands of others make the transition from nutrient poor to Nutrient Rich and get the same benefits!

With the guidance and reinforcement of a world class lifestyle health and science advisory team , the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted (The China Study), and personal experience with thousands of clients, John Allen produced the Nutrient Rich Lifestyle System™ and launched the Nutrient Rich Revolution to help free millions of people stuck in dead-end diet traps, and eat better, not less. Diet traps, prevent otherwise motivated people from living normally and naturally, free of diet weight and long-term health issues.

John Allen is also the founder of Performance Lifestyle Solutions, the lifestyle training and coaching company. In a Performance Lifestyle, your life, your lifestyle, and your real goals, are back in alignment. Your health and success are back on the same team and your focus is on the best use of your energy. You learn how to manage your energy like a pro to look, feel and perform better, and achieve the goals your passionate about, at any age. When you are driven by goals that make you happy, and you achieve them in a healthy way, changing your lifestyle is simple. That’s when you’ll be successful at eating, exercising and live at your ideal weight.

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