Eating Healthier Doesn’t Really Work

NRViscCycle8 (1)When you first suggest that people eat healthier or “healthy” for that matter, the first thing you will likely hear in response, is this.. “Yeah, I know I need to, I should… etc.”

It’s the old, ‘roll your eyes back’ response that is neither committed, nor motivated, nor clear enough about what the benefits would be to warrant making a change, other than being a little bit “healthier”; the potential results of which, are also not quick enough to sustain the change. In the end, it’s just not inspiring enough to move most people away from the highly addicting food stuffs most of us eat today and this is the reason there is a weight loss industry.

The reality is, most people today are caught up in the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor — the cycle of eating the SAD Standard American Diet that makes us fat and sick and then engaging in weight loss-only dieting to lose weight and get healthier.

When you finally wake up and realize that weight loss-only dieting never works for long and doesn’t actually keep you healthy, you start eating “healthier” and eventually realize that you aren’t really experiencing such great results; at least not the really noticeable kind that people experience with dieting. Matter of fact, when you start eating “healthier”, because of the underlying dynamics that take place in the body when it’s no longer “as” overwhelmed by nutrient poor food, and starts detoxifying, you may actually feel worse before you feel better. And while this is good, it trips people up, it lingers, and so, the vicious cycle continues.

What prevents most people from experiencing the success results they hear so much about, but so few experience, is this– what most people think is healthy, isn’t really healthy!

While we may start eating healthier than we have ever eaten before, most of us are sold “half-baked” healthier diets,  that are not healthy enough to deliver results that are both noticeable enough and sustainable. We stay stuck in a purgatory of sort–in between nutrient poor and nutrient rich and we struggle. And so, eating healthier eventually gets blown off and any attention to making a dietary change lies in waiting for that silver bullet that ensures success.

I have seen that reality countless times, and frankly I experienced it myself for a few years, early on. The reason why is simply put; eating healthier doesn’t really work. It’s uncommitted to a specific goal or objective, it’s not motivating and it’s unclear. What does it mean to eat “healthier” anyway? How do you do it?

Here at, we answer that question. For the first time, you’ll start fueling your body right, in a way that is genuinely healthy, without dieting in the traditional sense committed to an objective goal. You’ll be motivated and clear, in terms of what it means to eat healthy.

We are not suggesting you eat healthier. Yes, it’s can always be a good thing to eat healthier than you were yesterday. That can happen even if you’re eating “nutrient rich”, since one can always improve no matter where they’re at. But for most people, they have to build a nutrient rich “healthy” body first– a body that is infused with nutrients, and detoxified from waste (weight)–before eating “healthier” makes any sense. When you do, you will increase your energy and lose weight naturally.

The best way to do this is by eating your way, up to 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich “Superfoods”;foods that nutrify and detoxify your body at the levels you need. Think that’s high? That’s why so many people who think they are eating healthy, who actually aren’t, don’t get the results they want and turn to extremely unhealthy dieting measures.
It shouldn’t scare you, because nothing could be more normal and natural than this!



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