Food Waste – A Story of Excess

Food WasteMy-my how we can waste a great deal of food. Food Waste is a story of excess. Never before in the history of the world, possibly even the universe, have we (one small, very small planet) had access to more food, in more abundance, of all kinds, from every life source available on a planet!

Is it because we are inherently wasteful? Maybe, but I think it’s the fact that we are living in a performance culture today where we are producing more food to keep up with a rapidly evolving, rapidly expanding population of people who are increasingly head-set on meeting their own preferences. Technology has made an virtually affluent life available to almost all, mass customization is now possible as a value-added service in a competitive market and in this achievement age, our economic and corporate progress has divorced itself from the environment; all giving way to waste at epic levels.

Even the Pope, via Richard Branson and Virgin, has weighed in on this issue of food waste. You may not agree with the Pope on issues like contraception, however, you can agree 100% with his statement about wastage on our plates.

On World Environment Day he said: “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.
“Our grandparents used to make a point of not throwing away leftover food. Consumerism has made us accustomed to wasting food daily and we are unable to see its real value.” Read More> 

Here’s a video on Food Waste. It is a story of excess.

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