For the Most Part, You Do Not Want to Eat “Healthier”

Yes, that’s right, you heard me say it. I’m not suggesting you eat “healthier,” as a general rule.

What? Don’t eat healthier? Yep, you heard it here.

In a world that serves mostly nutrient-poor foods for economic gain, and easier distribution (a story of its own), eating “healthier” opens you up to so many rationalizations around what you eat, and when you eat it, that your head would spin if I listed them ALL.

For instance…

  • Moving away from the SAD Standard American Diet, to eating less of those same nutrient-poor foods we so commonly eat, is “healthier,” but not healthy.
  • Lowering the refined sugar or harmful fat content you are consuming is “healthier,” but not healthy, if you are still eating nutrient-poor foods.
  • Taking in less added and refined salt is “healthier,” but you are still not eating healthy, if you are eating unsalted nutrient-poor foods, otherwise known as “bland.”
  • Lowering the glycemic index of your dietwill have some positive impact, like all “healthier” diet tactics do, at first, but if you are still eating nutrient poor, you are still not eating healthy!To learn more read, “Wow, I Thought I Was Eating Healthy” – The 9 Healthier Diet Tactics That Are Actually Causing You to Drain Your Energy, Gain Weight and Age Faster!
  • In the name of eating “healthier, some people think the answer is found by going back to the way we supposedly ate 10,000 years ago–eating a Paleolithic (Paleo) style diet of predominantly animal foods, with sides of green vegetables and fruit. I have news for you, eating the typical Paleo diet, albeit a potentially “healthier” eating style, as compared to the SAD, is still nutrient poor and unhealthy.Those who do follow it (not all), have a warped understanding of what a nutrient-rich food is, and they too, end up eating a “healthier” version of the SAD Standard American Diet.
  • How about giving up meat? While going Vegetarian or Vegan is a great dietary improvement because virtually all nutrients come from plants, and many nutrient-rich healthy eaters (not all) are Vegan or near-Vegan–you have to really know what you are doing to do it right–as many Vegans and Vegetarians aren’t actually eating healthy at all. Often, they too are often eating a “healthier” version of the Standard American Diet, which is loaded with refined foods.

I could keep going. Even a potentially “healthy” raw food diet has its pitfalls, if you don’t understand what it means to eat nutrient rich. For example, I personally eat in a way that could be called “High Raw,” as I eat raw food about 50-75% or more of the time. But doing so does not actually mean that I’m on a raw food diet or that I am limited only to eating raw food only because I am a nutrient-rich eater, who likes some of my food raw. Eating High Raw, like being Vegan or Vegetarian, may very well work for many people, but again, if they aren’t eating in a nutrient-rich way when doing so, even eating a raw food diet may be “healthier,” and still not be sustainable.

You see, eating “healthier” is a term that only applies when you already have a nutrient-rich healthy eating style or one that you are majorly improving. So, if you are leaning toward eating more raw food, and/or going Vegan, you must be optimizing in the way you will learn about in The Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan in order to truly be eating healthy! In this context, eating “healthier” makes sense because you are eating the nutrient-rich way that we teach in the Plan–and are optimizing the way you eat for nutrient density, volume and great-taste, free of addictive substances, resulting in your eating the right amount of calories for you–of course only when you are truly hungry, and given your unique lifestyle requirements.

That doesn’t sound so radical does it?

Before you’ve made the Switch to nutrient-rich, healthy eating, the objective is NOT to eat “healthier,” even if you are always improving here and there, and aren’t eating perfectly (which no one ever does). Rather, you want to:

  1. Make the Switch to a nutrient rich healthy eating style,
  2. Eat even healthier as time goes on.

Make the Switch to Rich, and get on the path to healthy eating and lifestyle success. When you do, you will eat healthier all the time, only now you are doing so correctly–eating nutrient rich!

So, don’t eat just “healthier,” learn how to eat in a great-tasting nutrient-rich healthy eating style.

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