Eye Opening Facts About the SAD Standard American Diet and Diseases You Now Can Do Without

Here are some eye opening facts about the SAD Standard American Diet of roughly 53% refined food, 43% animal products, only 5% produce.

If you eat the SAD Standard American Diet…

1) You’ll have a 47% chance of getting cancer ( by American Cancer Society ).

2) You’ll soon be one of the 30% of the adults over 20 years of age who are considered to be obese ( by National Center for Health Statistics )

3) You’ll join in on the now 70% increase in the risk of diabetes incidence that took place from 1990 to 1998 age 30-39 that is now higher in 2010!

The consequences of diabetes including blindness, limb amputation, heart disease, premature death (I think you want to do without these diseases, especially the last one)

4) You will contribute to the United States’ reputation as being number one in the world at health-care expenditures per capita, yet in spite of that, ranking something 37th in the world in terms of the quality of healthcare

5) Our environment will simply keep going down the tubes due to over-consumption of resources for animal food production and the pollution associated with nutrient poor and nutrient barren foods.

Stop eating poorly and get Rich, Nutrient Rich!

Eating nutrient-rich foods, at least 80-90% of the time or more ensure your risk of experience debilitating diseases will drop dramatically; almost off the charts.

Plus, there is a nutrient-rich version for just about every nutrient-poor food you are eating right now, made of nutrient-rich, plant-based whole foods.

Learn how now 😉

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