McDonalds Want You to Rap the Mac, But There’s a New Catch Phrase in Town… Nutrient Rich!

> MTV news reported last week that McDonald’s marketing firm, Maven Strategies, is paying hip-hop artists to use the words "Big Mac" in their new songs. McDonald’s will pay a royalty every time the phrase "Big Mac" is heard on the radio. The catch is that McDonald’s get final approval on the rhymes.

If not for that, and the fact that I would be making money on everyone else’s ill health, I would begin my hip-hop career tomorrow, and fund my kids’ college educations with the royalties.

Well there is one more reason why I wouldn’t rap the Mac; I have a better chance becoming President than I do jammin a rhyme.

The new phrase is Nutrient Rich anyway! For all you rappers it’s a better rap tune anyway. You can run a play on words, talking about "bling" and better food at the same time!

Ok, if you’re vocal talents are on par with mine, you can still rap and make money. I’ll will pay you a royalty every time you "rap" (that means talk) with your friends, clients and family and let them know that the new trend in eating is Nutrient Rich, for better health and weight loss!

Let them know that they don’t have to suffer from diet, weight and long term health issues if they start eating Nutrient Rich today. I’ll show them how. Here’s how.

We can all get rich, nutritionally and financially, make everyone well and save the planet! A small side benefit!

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