Intuitive eating, only works when you eat Nutrient Rich

The Nutrient Rich Revolution, Eat Better, Not Less is based on the idea that we are eating foods that serving our needs. Losing Weight the Nutrient Rich Way is no different; you want to eat foods that are serving your needs.

But there is a prevailing thought out there that we must not eat for emotional reasons and other reasons, such as environmental or societal. I see the logic in this but not the reality in it, especially if you are eating nutrient poor.

In this recent article in Reuters; Intuitive Eating: The Anti Dieting Diet… the author says

"The basic premise of intuitive eating is, rather than manipulate what we eat in terms of prescribed diets — how many calories a food has, how many grams of fat, specific food combinations or anything like that — we should take internal cues, try to recognize what our body wants and then regulate how much we eat based on hunger and satiety," he said in a university statement.

The author goes on to say:

"To become an intuitive eater, a person also needs to adopt two key behaviors. They must learn how not to eat for emotional, environmental or social reasons and they must listen to their body and eat only when hungry and stop when full. They must also learn how to interpret body signals, cravings, and hunger and respond in a healthy way."

My thought on this is as follows – this all sounds well and good and I support what the author is saying, but the missing message is, that the key to success is eating Nutrient Rich. If your food is nutrient poor, the very mechanisms in your mind and body that enable you to eat intuitively, and for satiation etc… are not going to work effectively; they will be fooled and you will make poor choices.

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