Is Your New Years Resolution About Eating Less or Eating Better?

There is a big difference between eating less and eating better.

Eating less is the basis of all commercial diets and dieting. The act of eating less is something you do on purpose, usually because you are overeating nutrient poor foods (animal products and refined foods) that are not meeting your nutritional needs as a whole, and that cause you to get addicted to unnatural substances 

Eating better, is the anti diet answers to health and weight issues. You naturally eat less because your body is not driven to over consume. You are satisfied and fulfilled and are eating with a much different mindset. Eating better (Nutrient Rich) doesn’t mean you can’t still over eat, you can. It just means you won’t be overeating for reasons of addiction, withdrawal or trying to satisfy unmet nutritional needs.

Change the game this year.

Commit to learning the mindset of those who are the most successful at eating in a modern day world that keeps us diet trapped eating nutrient poor food and caught up in a nutritional conversation that is misleading and distracting.

So what is your New Years Resolution? Is it based on an eating less mindset or an eating better mindset?

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