Joel Fuhrman MD Will Deliver a 2 Hour Q&A on the Latest Nutritional Research to Support the Upcoming Breast Cancer Prevention Study

Nutritional Research Foundation

NR is a proud partner of the NRF and strongly encourages you to participate in this first time ever event with Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

On June 19th, you’ll have the opportunity to spend 2 Hours of Q&A time with Joel Fuhrman M.D. on the Latest Nutritional Research that will support the Upcoming Breast cancer Prevention Study, that will actually prevent breast cancer!
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Joel Fuhrman M.D. Established the Nutritional Research Foundation (NRF) to investigate the power of micronutrient dense diets to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.   Although many forward thinkers realize that a healthful lifestyle is an important ingredient of health, many physicians today are hesitant to prescribe strong nutritional intervention because they say evidence is anecdotal or epidemiological and not rigorous enough to base patient care upon.

The NRF is committed to the truth being told about efficacy of a nutrient dense diet.  It plans to conduct clinical trials to show physicians and others that not only can this nutritional intervention work, but that it can work powerfully.

The Nutritional Research Foundation, (NRF) recently completed its study on adequacy of omega-3 fatty acids in long-term vegans.  The results will soon be published.   Also proposed are research studies to show the effectiveness of a high nutrient dense diet on reversal of diabetes and obesity.  These studies have draft proposals and are waiting for funding.  A longitudinal study on breast cancer prevention is also planned.  The proposed protocols for these studies may be viewed at

On June 3rd Joel Fuhrman M.D., co-founder and Director of Research of the NRF, spoke to a sold-out crowd at a fundraising dinner lecture in Clarksville, MD in support of the Nutritional Research Foundation’s upcoming breast cancer prevention study. Because many couldn’t attend, we are responding with an opportunity on June 19 for you to support this important cause and have a private discussion by webinar with Dr. Fuhrman about the latest in nutrition research.

On June 19, you have the opportunity to join in on an exclusive webinar with Dr. Fuhrman as he shares the latest in nutrition research and answers all of your individual questions. In addition to joining in on this important talk on nutrition your participation will support the upcoming breast cancer prevention study, where 1,000 women, dedicated to eating a high-nutrient density diet, will be followed for 10 years to determine how nutrition and diet affect breast health.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn the latest news with Dr. Fuhrman. From the comfort of your home!

We hope you’ll join us June 19 at 9 p.m. EDT for this exciting webinar. Do yourself and scientific research a big favor and Register HERE

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