Jumpstart Your Healthy Eating Style in 2013!

New Year’s Resolutions are still fresh, I get it, but the question is, per my last message, have you set it (them) up to work for you? Resolving to do something new is easy to do, but can be hard to stick to if it is not backed by pure motivation, is realistic and supported–the basics of change.

So when it comes to making changes in way you eatthe most habituated routine you have, why not do something different this year and–set a resolution around improving the way you eat that is so realistic and progressive you simply can’t fail?

Instead of making more out of things than there needs to be, a “classic” mistake people make when it comes to eating and other lifestyle changes; why not just resolve to become a more plantbased, nutrient-rich eater and drink a Superfood Nutrition blend, like Living Feast every day, for starters.

This way, there is no pressure to change all at once, like we generally try to do with New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than try to make a significant dietary change that has social, emotional, logistical and intellectual constraints, just drink at least 1-2 blender bottles of Living Feast a day.

Doing so, will change the way you eat.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. You will flood your body with micronutrients, which will satisfy your body’s immediate nutrient needs, and to a much lesser extent, calories. (If you’re like most people, you already have enough calories stored up on your body). Remember, Nutrients First, Calories Second!

  2. This nutrient infusion will satisfy your needs and remove the desire to default to other “convenient” and nutrient poor foodstuffs, which you probably don’t want to eat anyway.

  3. You’ll start feeling so much better by simply succeeding with this simple plan, because it works, that you’ll start eating healthier, in general.

As I have said many times before, all our bodies really want are nutrients. When we feed our bodies nutrient-poor and -barren foods (foods that are not rich or even satisfactory in nutrient density), our bodies remain hungry and tell us so, via hunger pains and headaches. When we feed our bodies the nutrients they so badly want, our bodies thank us by going to work and ridding our bodies of toxins and starting to repair and improve our body functions.

It then looks, feels and performs better.

This is what food is supposed to do for us as part of a healthy, active… lifestyle. We are really just supposed to fuel our bodies. When we do it right, with nutrient-rich foods, our body’s run efficientlyhealthier, more energetic and better able to seize each day with strength, vigor and clear minds.

And oh by the way, you’ll begin to shed lbs. It’s only natural.

Life is relentlessly busy today; it takes time to start a new regimen (make a lifestyle change) and we all tend to be extreme when tackling our New Year’s Resolutions. It is this extremeness that causes us to fail. We try to eat perfectly, count calories, manipulate our food groups, and work out hard at the gym—and we burn out fast! Depending on how motivated you are, how realistic your objectives are, and how well supported you are, will determine whether you have a recipe for success, or a recipe for disaster.

So, here is what I am proposing for 2013—stop trying to be perfect. Just try to treat your body better. And start doing so, with 1-2 servings of Living Feast a day. Just adding these nutrients to your body will make a major difference, and many positive results will follow!

First off, have a glass for breakfast. Mix a great-tasting scoop (or two) in water or coconut water (to make it thicker) and drink it. Do not sip it, and take hours to finish it, just drink up and go about your day. You won’t even be thinking about lunch, until your body is truly ready for another nutrient infusion. And when you are hungry again, drink another glass or blender bottle of Living Feast and you will be fueled for a while, why you focus on your goals. In fact, I bet you won’t even feel the mid-day drag.

If you need a light meal during the day or a snack, to add some bulk, have a salad, with beans or soup during the day, and or a couple pieces of fruit. 

When you go home, make a huge salad—and I mean HUGE. Fill a bowl with all kinds of greens, veggies (all colors), a cup of beans/legumes, some fruit (raisins and craisons, (no sugar) etc. are fine too), 1 oz. of nuts, seeds a little avocado, and a cup or less of whole grains (sprinkle on some quinoa) for the most satisfying Nutrient Rich Salad Meal™ Ever!

Following dinner, you should be full and feeling great.

Do that routine for one week, and you’ll want to take the way you eat to the next step, maybe even a whole new level. Just get a win!

I have a whole guide coming out on this, the tried, true and proven eating routine that always works.

  • Superfood Drink
  • Superfood Drink with light meal
  • Robust Dinner

You’ll see it works perfectly for today’s world.

If you do this for a week, a month, even for a year or so, you will become healthy and lean. If you want more variety in your diet, check out The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan (it includes a fantastic Simple, Quick & Easy 5-step or less recipe guide that was created by Chef Ramses Bravo).

Once you are into a good routine with Living Feast, you may also want to check out some of the other Superfood Nutrition products in the store. Adding them to your drinks and meals will improve nutrient profiles, add a few calories, new flavors, and more greens, veggies, fruits and plant protein (for very active people).

Next time, I will discuss in greater detail how they work in conjunction with Living Feast!

If you haven’t already gotten yourself a jar of Living Feast, get some now. If you still need some more convincing, check out this amazing success story on Mariahna Suzan (at the bottom of the page).

Fuel Your Body and make 2013 the year you actually get the body you want and deserve!

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