Making the “Switch to Rich”—How Eating Nutrient Rich Superfoods Can Change Your Life for the Better—Forever


How Eating Nutrient Rich Superfoods Can Change Your Life for the Better—Forever

Hi Friends, an article about what we are up to as a community here at Nutrient Rich Life, was recently published by Living Well Magazine, a Lifestyle Magazine for Thriving Adults.

Eating Nutrient Rich is all about “thriving”!

“Everywhere you turn, we are hit with ads on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. The “why” is often limited to weight loss-only programs that push “half-baked” healthier eating styles that are simply not focused on true health and are unsustainable. The marketing claims seem amazing and the canned testimonies border on the miraculous, yet most of these “diets” are based on making changes that don’t really solve the core problem—why we gained weight in the first place.

According to Nutrition and Lifestyle expert John Allen Mollenhauer, the relationship between food and health leads to the reality that we need to make a decision to switch from eating predominantly nutrient-poor foods to mostly nutrient-rich ones. Any conversation on healthy eating, let alone practicing nutritional excellence, should start and stay at eating micronutrient-rich foods. When this happens, every other aspect of what makes an eating style “healthy” falls into place.

“I have spent decades researching and testing and have lived through cycles and programs that I thought were healthy but were based on limited information,” says Mollenhauer who founded eight years ago as part of emerging a new meme for lifestyle that focuses on getting all aspects of your lifestyle working for you, not against you. Lifestyle change starts with improving the way you eat without the need for dieting, and the healthy way to eat is nutrient rich!”

Mollenhauer has become one of the nation’s leading Nutrition Education Trainers and spends countless hours coaching nutritional insiders as well as the mass audience he has attracted online. The site has grown into a leading online resource motivating people to Build a Nutrient Rich Body by “Nutrifying” and detoxifying, and dropping the weight of the past.  This enables you to dramatically improve your health, reverse lifestyle-induced diseases, increase your energy, age slower and look younger, for longer. “I can finally say that eating Nutrient Rich superfoods up to 90% or more of the time or more is the most effective nutritional path to long-term wellness and promotes living at or near your ideal weight all the time.”

Since founding the site, Mollenhauer has driven himself and those around him to develop a flexible approach to eating more plant-based, nutrient-rich foods in everyday modern life. “What is “SAD” is our Standard American Diet strips out nutrients and throws useless and even harmful ingredients into the foods we eat,” states Mollenhauer. It doesn’t need to be that way. His objective is to bring people to the understanding that eating healthy can be fun, affordable, convenient and very tasty.

The Nutrient Rich business model combines free introductory education with simple products and support services that help people make the nutrition transition from eating mostly nutrient-poor to eating mostly nutrient-rich superfoods so they can fuel their bodies right. offers free monthly teleconferences on topical areas of superfood eating while connecting people to the Nutrient Rich products that make this eating style so enjoyable. The company also offers micronutrient-rich foods and drink mixes, as well as educational materials and support. For serious individuals, Mollenhauer has established the Performance Lifestyle® Club to help people maintain the pathway to incredible health, as well as personalized “Nutriventions,” for those who desire one-on-one coaching.

According to Mollenhauer, success depends on Building a Nutrient Rich Body based on superfoods that provide all the nutrients your body needs to function without overwhelming it with what it doesn’t need from food. “Really, we offer a nutrition and lifestyle solution for anyone, from Joe the hamburger eater to the contemporary lifestyle- conscious individual that wants to achieve their goals in a health-promoting way.

For more information, visit or contact John Allen Mollenhauer, NET, CPLC, or Jackie Schatell directly at 1-800-870-4068 or via email by contacting us here.

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