Monkey Bar Gym, the Worlds First Plant Based Gymnasium

I can't tell you how excited I am to share the Monkey Bar Gymnasium with you; it's the worlds first plant based gym founded by my close friend Jon Hinds. 

I met Jon Hinds 6 years ago when he was suffering from severe hand pain and arthritis from eating an animal product based, nutrient poor diet which is so prevalent in the fitness industry. After discussing with him the merits of a plant based Nutrient Rich diet, and after getting educated, with books like The China Study which I sent him a copy of, he made the switch to rich (nutrient rich eating).

Here's a recent post on Jon Hinds and how he began eating a plant based diet after having eaten the standard nutrient poor, "fitness" diet of meat, chicken, fish, white rice, vegetables and some refined foods that so many of us grew up with.

Here; renowned Green Activist and Hip Hop Caucus Founder Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr. speaks with Jon Hind of Monkey Bar Gym in this exclusive interview at Green Festival in Chicago. Monkey Bar Gyms are the only gyms in the nation to integrate full-body skills training for strength, speed and stamina; Eischens Yoga for restoration and healing; and a plant-based diet for the health of people and our planet.

Today, Jon Hinds is one of the biggest promoters of a plant based diet through his Monkey Bar Gym fitness chain. In stark contrast with the well established and equally powerful Crossfit gym chain, which promotes a diet based on garden vegetables, and lean meats really (as if there were such a thing); the Monkey Bar Gym, promotes a truly plant based, nutrient rich diet as part of a training philosophy that also promotes natural training and restoration.

Learn more about Jon Hinds and the Plant Based diet promoted at the Monkey Bar Gym.

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