No More Food Pyramid: Nutritional Icon Is Now a Plate

government plateThis is a big step on the part of USDA, they are coming around little by little.

Just this past June 2010 the USDA put out the following message:

“With two thirds of Americans overweight or living on prescription meds, the USDA calls on ALL Americans to eat a more Nutrient Rich Diet!”

The old Four Food Groups are still in play according the USDA, but they are certainly on their way to transitioning to nutrient rich. Remember, the US Govt will never promote the healthiest diet, and defy scientific evidence and common sense because it’s job is the economy, promoting the marketplace, not nutrition and there are always competing interests. So you have to keep this in mind.

This is a good video to listen in on; as you can see the switch to a more nutrient rich way of eating is on, and it’s a national movement!

Note; This is not a Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Style. This is just the next step in the evolution of the govt recommendation, towards a Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Style.

By KIM CAROLLO, ABC News Medical Unit
June 2, 2011

The food pyramid that represented a healthy diet for almost 20 years now gives way to a food plate,
the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced today.

First lady Michelle Obama, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack unveiled the new icon. It’s called MyPlate, and it has four colored sections representing fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. Next to the plate is a smaller circle representing dairy products.

“MyPlate is a truly simple, powerful visual cue to help people adopt healthy eating habits at meal times,” said Vilsack.

On MyPlate’s website, the USDA emphasizes several important nutrition messages: eat smaller portions, make at least half the plate fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary drinks.

Nutrition experts believe a plate is a good choice.

“It answers the simple question, ‘What should my plate look like at any given meal?'” said Baltimore nutritionist Monica Reinagel.

The original pyramid was released in 1992 and included the four food groups stacked in the shape of a pyramid with the number of recommended servings a person should eat from each group in a day. The widest part of the pyramid shows the foods that should make up most of the diet — breads, cereals and grains. Fats occupy the top of the pyramid. Read more…

When you learn the magnitude of influence that healthy eating is having on your life and learn The Nutrient Rich Way to Eat you will be awed by the impact that it has on your life!

What you want to pay attention to in this development is the trend.


– Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want.
– Less protein, “smallest portion”.
– Far less fat, salt, sugar etc…

The message they are getting across… “huge portion of fruits and vegetables” and “the protein should be the side dish!”

The switch is catching on.

Now if you want to see a nutrient rich healthy eating plate, it looks a little different.

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