Nutrient Rich is not a diet, it’s a quality standard… you desire

Some thoughts about eating Nutrient Rich.

There are unlimited Nutrient Rich diets; one would be “more ore less”, nutrient rich than another depending on the quality of the foods that comprise a meal.  

Eating nutrient rich is not something one needs to be idealistic about, it depends on your situation. Generally when you eat 80-90% or more Nutrient Rich foods, you will achieve high level health. 90% or more is recommended, because having made the transition to Nutrient Rich at that level, reinforces desire; although, you can take it as far as you want to go, i.e the various camps, (type) vegetarian, vegan etc…

Driven by desire to improve your diet for better health and performance results, and “natural” weight loss is what matters.

The key is to “transition”.

Eating Nutrient Rich is about transitioning, from a poor quality diet, to a diet rich in the nutrients you need to succeed.

Your objectives and goals also determine how you will eat nutrient rich at any given time.

For example, are you reversing heart disease? Wanting simply to lose weight? Wanting to fuel up for a sporting event? Wanting to gain weight? Just maintaining and eating for enjoyment… the objective matters and you can shift between objectives.

You can derive more meals and menus than anyone could get to in their lifetime from nutrient rich foods. We launched the Nutrient Rich Food and Recipe Database for this reason.

The recipe database is dedicated 100% to Nutrient Rich foods and follows the 90% or more guideline.



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