Nutrient Rich Whole Foods ARE the Ingredients

Wake up!

The nutrient rich food revolution is here.

In my past post I talked about the two things that make eating nutrient rich or (nutrient dense foods) so revolutionary.

But there is a hidden gem in there that is plan to see, but might not occur to you. It is this: When you eat are eating for health, nutrient rich whole foods are the ingredients.

Notice this recipe for Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Chocolate Cake. Notice, that almost every ingredient in the cake is itself a whole food in it’s natural state. it’s not 100% put pretty close to it. You’ll find the same to be true in other nutrient rich recipes.

The reason we call the recipe section of this site, The Nutrient Rich Food and Recipe Database is because you can actually search on the nutrient rich or nutrient dense foods you want eat, and then find a recipe with that contains those foods.

Why is this so important to know?

Because most ingredients in the typical “fake cake” recipe for example, are nutrient poor or nutrient barren and do not promote health. Nutrient poor whole foods (animal products) do not make a nutrient rich recipe and nutrient barren foods are fragmented substances that enhance the taste of a food (and create addictions) but severely compromise your health.

You don’t have to worry about that when you eat nutrient rich food and recipes in the database at this site.

The only things you’ll have on your mind is health, performance and natural weight loss!

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