The Wholegrarian Revolution and the Rise of the Superfoodie

The Wholegrarian Takeover

The Wholegrarian Revolution is here and it’s giving rise to an ever increasing legion of  people known as “Super foodies” – consumers who are seeking out whole-food based nutrition and the nutrient-rich rewards these products hold, while minimizing or eliminating naturally nutrient poor foods, and avoiding overly processed foods and beverages that may very well be nutrient barren

One factor weighing on food and beverage growth is the continued evolution of the natural foods consumer, who is increasingly educated about the nutrient profiles of specific foods and who is looking for natural, minimally processed products. These wholegrarian consumers—who are growing in number and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others—will always choose
a simple, whole-food-based product over one that appears to be overly engineered.

Are you part of the “Wholegrarian Revolution” too by seeking out whole-food-based nutrition, avoiding highly processed and engineered products and making purchasing decisions on the nutrient density associated with specific whole foods?

A term introduced by New Hope Natural Media, an information provider for the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle products industry for more than 25 years; the wholegrarian revolution is ushering in the the macro product trends reflecting what today’s emerging consumer wants from food and beverages.

This is what the ’wholegrarian’ consumer is seeking.

Accessibility & Affordability • Whole-Food-Based Nutrition • Healthier Processing • Sustainable Protein • Macro nutrients • Less is More • Nutrient Rich • Mini Meals • Convenience • Functionally Fortified • Naturally Sweetened • Meaningful Transparency • Provenance • Local Matters • Mission-Based • Ancient Wisdom • Food Tribes (Special Diets) • Grain Free • Gluten Free • non-GMO

This is a a return to the foods your “grandma, wanted you to eat,” meaning more literally, more plant based nutrient rich foods. This of course, in contrast to the foods we most of us are eating today that are naturally nutrient poor and refined, leaving many food stuffs nutrient barren!!

The Wholegrarian Revolution

  • More plant based nutrient rich: Consumers, regardless of their intention to be vegetarian or vegan, are increasingly eating more plant based, micronutrient rich “real” foods, less animal products which are micronutrient poor, and even less hyper-processed, nutrient-devoid fare.
  • Transparency: In response to growing consumer demand, forward-thinking brands are building next-generation transparency into their supply chains, manufacturing processes and packaging, as well as business and marketing practices.The clean label is in!
  • The Value(s) Brand: Many of today’s best natural and organic companies are aligning their brands with philanthropic missions that benefit the consumer, the industry and the broader society.For instance here at we are all about making sure we minimize the carbon foot print, prevent food wastage and ensure everyone is fueling their body right for health and longevity.

Other trends that remain prominent on the US natural and organic scene include gluten- and allergen-free products, sprouted foods, healthy snacks, non-dairy alternatives, vegan and paleo offerings, and healthier, cleaner kids’ products.

“The natural and organic market is at the center of many of the most important and positive changes happening in food, nutrition and wellness,” said Carlotta Mast, senior director of Content and Insights for New Hope Natural Media, and editor-in-chief, Natural Foods Merchandiser.

“We face significant lifestyle-related health problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mood disorders, and many of the solutions to these problems are on display at Natural Products Expo East and West.”

Why is this important to you? 

The Wholegrarian revolution is important to you because today you can achieve all 3 coveted attributes any food or diet tribe would look upon favorably, especially when all three are in play at the same time.

  1. Great taste,
  2. Convenience,
  3. Genuinely healthy food (rich in micronutrients, not just macronutrients)

The natural products industry is emerging and designing food products that are more and more meeting most or all of your nutritional needs, moving away from substances the body does not need, like refined and added salt, oil and sugar, and are packaging them as close to their natural state as possible; and this is very good news.

This can change the trends of lifestyle-induced obesity and diseases that are, more often than not, the result of how how we eat.

Wholegrarian eating is also an inclusive idea, attracting people we call “super foodies” from a variety of food tribes. People who are simply looking to eat more plant based nutrient rich foods to look, feel and perform like a much younger person.

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