Protein does not mean Animal!

I am never ceased to be amazed at how many weight loss information sites, weight loss diets, so called natural weight loss sites and frankly everyone from the government to your average nutritionist and personal trainer who think protein only comes from animals.

Now I’m not ranting about becoming a vegetarian, I’m simply making the point that there is plenty of protein in plants. Where do you think all the animal get if from?

Yes chicken his higher in protein, that’s because it is protein; its muscle! Spinach for example is not muscle; it provides the nutrients for muscle. You don’t have to eat muscle to build muscle, and you don’t have to eat complete protein.

You simply need to eat foods that supply protein and your body takes care of the rest.

One thing I’m not amazed at is how fast people get over this mythological hump, after they read The Nutrient Rich Revolution!

Understandably it’s a tough myth to get over, but it’s a myth worth getting over, because only your very health and success is at stake. 😉

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