Real Health Reform Starts with a Nutrient Rich Diet, Not Another “Disease Management” Plan has a new introductory video on it’s homepage that’s all about what it means to eat “nutrient-rich.”

This past month, Dr Mary Zennett, a leading activist and Founder of The Health Reform Report asked me a whole series of questions that revealed key Insights into how to eat  More Plant Based Nutrient Rich.
In the video, we also discussed the realities of why it’s so hard for people to actually arrive at eating nutrient rich, even if it is the great tasting, healthy way to eat, and why changing what and how we eat is the cornerstone of real health reform.

“The affordable health care act is fine, for emergency medical care, but, as John Allen and Dr Zennett explains, this is “disease management;” when what this country really needs is real health care reform. The primary way to recover Americas (and the worlds for that matter) health is by eating a more plant based nutrient rich eating style.

In this video John Allen discusses how you can actually take control of your eating without even making recipes!
He also discusses what exactly a natural weight loss process really is and how you can experience this through the proven ADD, CHANGE, and CHALLENGE ™ approach to changing the way you eat.”
If you’ve ever thought that eating up to 90% or more plant based nutrient rich foods was difficult, wait till you hear this video on how simple it really can be to get to that 90% “Tipping Point,” where you truly transform with a whole hearted decision to change the way you eat.

With rising obesity rates and skyrocketing rates of chronic lifestyle diseases such as inflammation, heart disease and cancer… America defaulting to another health care plan is not the way to go; what we need to remember is the real health care reform starts in our own kitchen by eating the nutrient rich superfoods.

If you finally want to steer clear of the nutritional marketing “mayhem” that keeps most of us mired in confusion for years on end, and are genuinely interested in taking back the control of your health but don’t know where to begin, just watch this video – its right on the home page on the right side under the main banner.


Team Nutrient Rich®
John Allen Mollenhauer

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