Science’s Quest for tasty, fat free, life preserving additives

On the train home from NYC recently I was sitting next to a rider and looking over his shoulder at an article in the Business Day Section of The New York Times that showed hundreds of ultra processed food products with “healthy” ingredients.

Finally he gave me his section, likely tired of my over-the-shoulder viewing and moved on to sports. I thanked him and got into this article. I learned more about the food technology industry with few heroes, is your villian.

This is a $550 billion dollar industry that is built on on mission, development foods that let consumers have their cake and eat it to.

It sounds great, “high fiber” cookies, and bread containing fish oils for (omega 3 fatty acids) but no intelligent human being could look at this food and think this was a country harvest.

While some of the new “manufactured” foods have some natural incredient additives, these are addicting, ultra processed foods, whose incredients, my be low fat, but are themselves the ingredients for fat!

Remember those high fiber cookies I just talked about? Well the only reason they can say that, is because they use “modified cornstarch”, which cannot be broken down until it reaches the colon, much like natural fiber; and this is why it’s can call itself high fiber.

It’s nothing like the real thing!

Not only are these foods devoid of the thousands of other symbiotic naturally occuring chemicals in the fruits and vegetables…; they are fake food!

Don’t believe the hype, they are not promoting your health and this does not constitute, eating better. Only real food is better. Once you starting eating Nutrient Rich foods, you’ll wonder to yourself, “why did I ever get caught up in that fake food delusion?”

These life preserving additives are not preserving your life by making it better, they are preserving your life like formaldehyde, preserves your body, for an early death.

There is only one agenda here, keeping you addicted to products, with a desire to buy more because they have healthier ingredients. Pepsico, reports it’s SmartSpot products sell at 2 times the rate of conventional junk food.

If you want to eat better foods, eat Nutrient Rich, I’ll show what the “sweet spot” is!

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