Simple Mixed Salad

When you’re on the go and need fast nutrition, create a simple mixed salad tossed with apples, tofu, raisins and walnuts. A simple mixed salad, a quick and tasty salad that fills you up, shouldn’t be underestimated. Learn how to build a healthy nutrient rich salad meal that will keep you full and beautiful, full of superfoods for great skin, thicker hair and stronger nails and everything else. 


1 block sprouted tofu

1 apple

1 bag of broccoli mix bag

1 can of kidney beans

1/4 cup of walnuts

2 tbsp of raisins



1. Empty the bag of broccoli mix in a bowl


2. After you’ve removed all the moisture from the tofu by putting it between two paper towel sheets and putting something heavy on top, cut the extra-firm tofu up into little cubes.

3 Cut up your apple into small cubes as well and add both the tofu and apple cubes to the salad.

4 Add  beans, walnuts and raisins. And mix the salad well.

salad apple tofu


To make this more hearty meal, add kale leafy greens (Slice the leaves into thin ribbons) and toss in some sesame seeds.kale-apple-salad-OS

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