Start Living Life With a Whole New Set of Health Dynamics


  • You don’t need coffee for energy?
    You’ve learned that regeneration is the key to personal energy.
  • You don’t have cravings for foods that don’t serve you nutritionally (maybe once in a while 😉
    You are no longer confusing withdrawal symptoms for hunger drives.
  • You can go hours without eating and you don’t get so much as a headache?
    You have a nutrient rich body that has plenty of reserves and doesn’t have to endure uncomfortable detoxification processes.
  • You are reminded very quickly how much your body does not like unhealthy foods as your body no longer tolerates it?
    When you do eat unhealthy foods, your body reacts quickly.
  • You only need 1000-1500 nutrient-rich calories a day (female-male) unless you are super active?
    That’s right; forget 1500 to 2000 or more nutrient poor, unless you are super active. That 500 calorie savings means the difference between living overweight or at your ideal weigh all year round, not to mention a longer life.
  • You no longer need to focus on weight loss?
    Because you don’t eat in such a way that creates the overweight condition.
  • If you overeat, your body won’t get hungry until it uses your last meal, even with exercise?
    We all overeat here and there, but when you do, you can wait until you are hungry again. This only happens when you are eating nutrient rich!
  • You don’t have to stick to an overly regimented schedule of eating 3-5 times per day?
    There will be days you eat only three, maybe two, one time or even skip eating. It’s what happens when you eat nutrient rich!
  • You feel healthy and light because your body is no longer overwhelmed by food?
    Other than being genuinely hungry, which is primary way you get an energy boost from food (fuel), the only other time you really get energy from food is when you are not overwhelming your body by over consuming it.  Food is the secondary source of energy, not the primary.
  • You are lean and strong because your body had the energy to heal and repair, eliminate waste (weight) and focus its attention on developing lean muscle mass.
    Meaning, because you are no longer digesting food all day, you are more active and your body is able to respond.

These are just some of the new health dynamics you’ll experience when you are no longer trudging through another year with an under-nourished life, an overwhelmed metabolism, low energy and uncontrolled weight gain, which will only happen if you stay stuck in the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor–the cornerstone of a lifestyle that is not supporting the level of health and performance you want and need.

Make the Switch to a Nutrient Rich healthy eating style today, for better health tomorrow!

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