Superfoodie Soapbox – The Secret to Healthy Eating

with John Allen Mollenhauer

Over the years of improving my overall diet I have learned many things. Among them, we all eat in a variety of different ways, for different reasons even if we are guided by similar nutritional principles. In particular, while many of us do seek to improve the way we eat overtime, we don’t want to be judged or feel restricted by how or what we eat in any one moment in time. There are countless reasons why people eat the way they do and not all are nutritional, which is why the word diet is usually always, and importantly, followed by “lifestyle.” There is is simply more to it than food and nutrition alone.

In that spirit, I’d like to share from my Superfoodie Soapbox, on why embracing the Superfoodie idea is one of the best ways to embrace health and higher performance through nutrition.

Who is the Superfoodie and What is the Secret They Know?

In the The Rise of the Superfoodie, we answered questions like who is the Superfoodie; here, we will begin going into more depth with a focus on the one secret Superfoodies know that enables them to eat healthy while others struggle with food for long periods of time. Of course it’s not the only insight that makes healthy eating their norm, but it is the driver.

Superfoodies are people like you and me who want optimal nutrition, who embody the little-known insight into how to maintain optimal nutrition with relative ease, even in an eating environment that can easily trip up the most knowledgeable. That secret insight is consuming micronutrient-rich (phytochemical, fiber, vitamin and mineral-rich) foods as the cornerstone of a genuinely healthy happy eating style. Not every food we eat is perfectly healthy, but we know the driving forces behind healthy eating habits and what shapes our preferences for healthy foods.

This is the secret because only your true food preferences will guide you when you are being tempted every which way to Sunday by super stimulating foods now at our fingertips, by manufacturers of food who know how to highjack your tastebuds.

What we know is that nutrient-rich foods, or “superfoods,” because of their phytochemical, fiber, vitamin and mineral content (micronutrients), nourish and detoxify the body. They also stabilize and strengthen our immune system response to what we eat and ultimately they optimize the way we eat, naturally. By virtue of letting them do their work in the body, they change our food preferences for the better forever.

Now that’s pretty cool. It’s actually a relief to know that you don’t have to override a drive for unhealthy foods, which is pretty hard to do. You you can literally change the way you are driven to eat by eating the only foods that have that power— nutrient-rich superfoods.

On that basis, Superfoodies are not a traditional “foodie” whose lives revolve around food and or any food for that matter. While we love to try new foods in new regions of our country and world, we are not eaters of just any food. We look for those foods that are aligned with the cornerstone of sound nutrition. If your foods are nutrient rich, as described above, you can be sure that you’ll get almost every other aspect of nutrition right.

Pretty simple right?

We are busy, fully engaged in what we are up to and we like the fact that we are not distracted by food disorders, acute or chronic, stemming from poor eating, and that’s why we like to be in the know about concepts like the nutrient-density of the foods we’re eating; because we know it matters that much.

It’s also not a given that Superfoodies have all the time in the world to shop, prepare, clean up or even eat out for that matter, which is why we select the superfoods that will take us far and relatively fast. We seek out the original fast foods like vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, and generally eat them in quick and easy ways. And when we don’t have time or circumstances are against eating foods in their original state (think in the car, between meetings, on a bike etc) we turn to natural products that cater to our needs with foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. We are a health-conscious consumer who eats to live and lives to eat—healthfully, joyfully and practically.

That, tends to make us a pretty inclusive inclusive mainstream group. Because we know a good deal about food and choose not to define our approach to eating by the usually limited regimen of any one particular tribe, we focus on the qualities of the foods we eat and their known impact. Guided by sound rationale we are therefore a confident bunch, so we’re not threatened if someone defines the way they eat differently than we do.

Superfoodies  come in all shapes, sizes and ages. You can be a vegetarian, a vegan, a flexitarian, eat Paleo or be an omnivore and still be a Superfoodie. It starts as an idea for many and becomes a reality because the more you eat nutrient-rich superfoods, the more you eat them. It’s not about going on a diet program. Superfoods are so powerful that eventually superfoodies end up eating up to 80-90% or more (many go 100%) plant-based nutrient-rich diets over time. It just happens that way.

It’s Different Than Eating Healthy
Being a Superfoodie means  you recognize nutrient-rich foods as the cornerstone of nutrition. Being a Superfoodie is dramatically different than eating healthy in that light. When we think about eating healthy, we begin to exclude foods and think about all the things we can’t eat. Superfoodies don’t think that way because it’s a limited mindset. Superfoodies add delicious nutrient-rich foods to their diet and naturally change the way they eat to include more and more of them. They grow into the way they eat and love it for the reason that they prefer to eat healthy; so much so, that they don’t even have to call it “healthy.” It’s just the way they eat.

Superfoodies share that interest in fueling our bodies with foods that give us more energy, improve the way we function and perform without negative consequences. That we are eating “healthy” is a given.

Let Nutrient Rich Superfoods Improve The Way You Eat
Desiring superfoods isn’t something you have to strive to do, eating nutrient-rich superfoods is natural. It can help to have some knowledge about nutritional excellence, as ultimately you’ll need to know how to eat “nutrient-rich” foods so that you don’t overeat. Remember, these foods are rich in both micronutrients and macronutrients so it’s easy to meet and exceed your nutrient needs. We tend to eat smaller amounts of superfoods because they fill us up pretty fast, meeting our nutrient needs on every level. When we overeat, the next time we eat is simply the next time we’re hungry. Even if that is half-a-day away.

Most people are not used to eating foods that are so rich in the much-needed phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which are so vital to optimal health.  As  a result we don’t have to supersize a superfoods meal; they fulfill our hunger fast, without overeating on calories when you are aware of the secret of healthy eating—foods that nourish and detoxify your body, stabilize and strengthen your immune system will cause you to prefer those foods. 

Superfoods are so potent they change your food preferences and the way you eat on your terms.

Learn more about The Rise of the Superfoodie.

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