The 5 Healthy Eating Secrets of Super-Busy, Super Healthy (lean) People – Audio Replay

jamblurredaRecently, we delivered a Nutrient Rich Subscriber TeleTraining event that explained The 5 Healthy Eating Secrets of Super-Busy, Super Healthy (and Lean) People. We covered a lot of ground in this event, which was the January call for subscribers. We are sharing a replay of the call here–for those of you who missed it, were hoping to hear it in a replay, or wanted to hear some part of it again.

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  • During the call, I mentioned our Superfood Nutrition drink, Living Feast. To purchase Living Feast, click here.
  • I also mentioned The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, which includes a 5-step or less cookbook, called, Simple Quick & Easy Nutrient Rich Recipes. They were created by acclaimed chef, Ramses Bravo. These recipes will help you make amazing “Salad Meals” and other delicious meals! To purchase The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, click here.

When I was originally promoting the event, I hinted to the secrets like this:

  1. Will help you make the simple decision to break the cycle of eating nutrient-poor food, and make a positive change.
  2. Will show you that you don’t have to let 6-12 weeks go by, just to see some sort of change–it can happen almost instantly when you eat a certain quality of foods.
  3. Will change your concept for when and why you eat.
  4. Will deliver the “Sister Act”–two ways of eating that will always work–no matter how crazy busy you are!
  5. Will show you how easy it is to eat like a super-healthy person, even if you are super busy. They make it look easy. And guess what? It is. You’ll be amazed, and will wonder why you never realized how to do it before.
  • On the call, I spelled out the secrets that I am now listing below. 
  1. Make the wholehearted decision to switchto eat a More Plant-Based, Nutrient-Rich Superfood Eating Style because every other secret depends on it.
  2. By consciously changing the way you eat–and emphasizing Superfoods, big changes will happen, immediately. You will begin to detoxify, lose weight naturally, and become healthier by the day.
  3. When you begin to eat in terms of fueling your body (think fueling a car, and how you only add gas as you need to, not every few hours)–you will finally understand when and why to eat (but this only works if you are eating nutrient rich).
  4. When you enjoy two Superfood drinks, one in the am, and one at lunch with a light meal, followed by a robust dinner you can get the world’s most common eating routine working for you.
  5. It’s easy to eat nutrient-rich when you focus on having a huge salad meal every day that includes all of the nutrient rich staples, which you can eat over the course of the day– for lunch and dinner if you want. It should comprise lots of greens and green vegetables, colored non-starchy vegetables, plus beans/legumes, fruit, seeds/nuts and/or avocado, and whole grains or a small starch–to assure comprehensive nutrient intake. If you want a small amount of white meat chicken or fish, you can, 10% or less, if you choose, but this is not needed.Once you get this routine down, you will see how easy it is to maintain a nutrient-rich, superfood-eating style as a part your lifestyle, build, change etc.

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To purchase The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan click here.

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