The Definiton of Whole Foods

I want to point out a great article by Regina Wilshire called Reality TV, Weight Loss and You.

It’s a very well written article, and she is one of the few people I have come accross that are getting close to sending a true Nutrient Rich message.

Here is the article: 

I would point out though, that there is a big debate about whole foods. Are animal products whole foods? I would say yes, they are, as long as you don’t cut the fish in half. Otherwise, they are not. though they can be part of a Nutrient Rich Diet on a total dietary intake basis.  

You see it all comes down to the definition and your definition of whole foods… stay tuned to find out the true definition of whole foods. or go ahead and read about it in the Nutrient Rich Revolution, Eat Better, Not Less – "the book" on eating a nutrient dense diet successfully!

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