The “Get Lots of Protein/Calcium” Trap

Why Our Misguided Quest for Big Muscles and Strong Bones Compromises Our Health.

Many people believe we need large quantities of the protein in animal products – meat, eggs, and dairy – to be healthy, to lose weight effectively and permanently and build muscle. We don’t. 

Animal products can be part of a nutrient rich menu in small quantities – but as a whole they are high in calories and poor in nutrients, and they don’t necessarily promote your health. 

The best scientific studies, such as The China Study, The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Every Conducted, clearly show that eating more than small amounts of animal products increases your vulnerability to lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and many others.

We absolutely need protein and calcium to be healthy. We just don’t need to “rely” on animal sources for these nutrients. We easily acquire all the protein and calcium we need for building and repairing muscles and bones by eating a variety of nutrient-rich, whole plant foods for growth, healing, and repair. 

Quick quiz: what has more protein, broccoli or a Burger King Cheeseburger?

Answer: broccoli, by a landslide. The cheeseburger, at 350 calories, has 18 grams of protein. 350 calories of broccoli provides 39 grams of protein and provides a lot more food.

Spinach as another example, delivers even more. And these green protein sources provide carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals, fiber, water and thousands of disease fighting nutrients.

In his bestselling book Eat to Live, Joel Fuhrman M.D. writes:

“Many green vegetables have calcium-absorption rates of over 50 percent, compared with about 32 percent for milk… Researchers have found that those who eat the most fruits and vegetables have denser bones.”

It’s almost impossible not to get enough protein or calcium in a nutrient-rich diet.  You’d have to work at it! 

There is more to learn about protein of course, so stay tuned on this subject. You’ll learn a great deal more about the nutrient myths, like protein and calcium. Why green protein will keep you lean. How to eat greens in the greatest tasting ways; and if you eat animal foods, how to do so enjoyably, as part of a nutrient rich menu!

The next diet trap is the "Low Carb" lifestyle Trap: A low performance way of life, that leads to heart disease and cancer.

Even though the low car diet revolution died, along with is founder Dr Robert Atkins, the low carb diet is still alive and well. Bodybuilders have been living this lifestyle for years and make it fashionable for people trying to control their carbohyrate intake to lose weight. It’s in the national and global psychy! So let’s talk about it.

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