The Heart of the Nutrient Rich System

If you even want to get to the heart of the Nutrient Rich System here it is. What makes this so powerful is the fact that you can map any diet on the planet to this system and find out exactly where you stand and why you might be getting certain results.

The 3 classes of food, provide context and context enables you to see what you couldn’t see before.

For example, if you were to eat a low carb diet, in a Nutrient Rich "wrapper" (South Beach Diet)you are eating a second and third class diet with small amounts of first class foods. You can then see the nutrients you’re getting, as compared to what you could be getting if you had a more first class Nutrient Rich diet.

Food Class System  – This is the heart of the system because it shows you all the food categories in order of nutrient density with other things factored in such as energy density, quality of the nutrients (health promoting or not as in the case of animal protein), pollutionnutrient categories a food has in it and what it also has in it that you don’t need.

All of these food factors gave way to a class system, first class, second class and third class.

Food Classification Chart – Here you can actually see the nutrient patterns. While all of this is based on USDA data, you will see the same patterns no matter what "qualified" data you see. Nutrient values always different a little, but the patterns stay the same.

We have nutrient profiles on the top 7 foods, for each category for manageability. Just click the food category on the left, to see the nutrient profiles of these foods. The %’s are built on 2000 calories of that food, so we could accentuate the nutrient patterns of the 3 classes and the food categories they contain.  

References – this document explains the whole Food Classification System and provides references.


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