The Miscellaneous Gardener – My New Years Resolution (yes even in May) – Eat Colors.

At Mom and Dad's for dinner tonight for a bowl of lentil soup and a salad with Blueberry Pom dressing; Mom gives me this article from The Miscellaneous Gardener that explains the revolution that is really going on today, the switch to nutrient rich eating by every day people who are now getting smart about nutrient rich nutrition.

The man writing this is Richard W Perkins, a freelance writer and avid horticulturist and a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

I am announcing to all my family and friend that I will: 1.) Have a better diet so I can lose weight and lower my blood pressure. 2) go walking every day so I can have more energy. 3.) Go to the home gym or work out at home more often, so I can be stronger. 4.) Watch less TV and be more active. I know there are a lot of things that need fixin' around the house – I will do it. 5.) Vacuum the house instead of sitting on my but. It's not only good exercise, it cleans up the floor (and the air) and will make Sandy  VERY happy!

Now this is 100-percent MY Opinion Only, but I have tried and tried to lose weight, and nothing worked for me in the past because I could not sustain the "lifestyle," change but now I can and want to. So my big New Years Resolutions is to have a better diet so I can lose weight and lower my blood pressure. I know that, as I get older, high blood pressure is only going to have make me live a shorter life, so I have adopted a whole new food consumption regimen, have more energy, do not get the 2 p.m sleepies and feel so much better across the board it's not funny. It's because I have eliminated start from my diet; bread, potato, white rice, any kind of grain product, crackers and pasta, etc.

So where does my body get the food for the energy it needs to function? From existing stores of fat on my body, an in the last four weeks it has used 12 pounds of my fat and I'm very happy about losing it! I also used to take two to six Zantac a day for acid indigestion and I have stopped. So, this is a no-brainer for me: Eat Colors!"

Interesting stuff:

Not only are vegetables and fruits low in calories and high in fiber, they contain phytochemicals, or antioxidants, that boost your health. It's important to eat a wide variety of colorful fruit and vegetables…

Green: Spinach, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, collard greens and bok choy, supply lutein that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke as well as guard against age-related macular degeneration. Dark-green leafy vegetables are usually high in folate, a B vitamin that shows promising results in preventing heart diseases. In addition, Sulfuraphane was found to detoxify cancer-causing chemicals before they do damage to the body.

White: Cauliflower, mushrooms, banana and onions, contain athoxanthins and allicin, which help lower blood pressure and protect against stomach cancer.

Orange: Carrots, mangos, pumpkin, and oranges supply beta carotenes that help prevent cancer, particularly of the lung, esophagus and stomach. They may also reduce risk of heart disease and improve immune function.

Red: Strawberries are filled with unusual phytonutrients (potent antioxidants) that love to promote overall health and are an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C (and thousands of other nutrients!) They are excellent source of dietary fiber, and iodine as well as potassium, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B5, omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin L, magnesium… Pink grapefruit, red bell peppers, tomatoes and watermelon, supply Lycopene, that show promise in fighting lung and prostate cancers. Lycopene is actually more available after cooking or processing, so don't ignore canned tomato paste.

Purple. Grapes blueberies and prunes, supply anthocyanins that give these fruits their distinctive colors and help ward off heart disease by preventing clot formation. They may also help lower the risk of cancer.


All this from a man who got educated and is now eating and losing weight The Nutrient Rich Way, the cornerstone of a successful lifestyle.

Years ago you would never hear a person this educated about what foods they eat and knowledgeable about how to lose weight. Yes, there is more too it than knowing how to eat the colors, but even if you didn't know anything eating the colors would help you lose weight naturally.

Are you ready to learn the nutrient rich way to eat, to live successfully?

Just keep reading.




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