What is a Superfoods Jumpstart?

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What is Superfoods Jumpstart?

It’s the Simplest, Quickest & Easiest Lifestyle-Designed Nutrition Plan Ever.
All you do is combine micronutrient-rich “superfood juice powders” that are naturally appropriate in calories with more plant-based, nutrient-rich meals, and start eating when you’re truly hungry; that’s it!

The more “nutrient rich” you eat, the fewer calories you will consume (we’re not factoring in stress eating and assuming you are not) and the result will be natural weight loss, dramatically improved health and performance.

In our fast-paced, modern-day performance culture, one of most successful ways to eat is to combine whole “superfood” nutrition drinks, shakes or smoothies when you can’t sit down for a meal, with sit-down plant-based, nutrient-rich meals when you have the space and time to prepare, eat and or digest. Fueling your body with live, raw, whole, organic Superfood Drinks, which are accessible and convenient, combined with whole food meals gives you a health and performance edge, and saves you time and money.

Our aim is to help you avoid having to trudge through yet another year, with an under-nourished life, a metabolism that is overwhelmed by food, low energy and uncontrolled weight gain, by helping you eat in a way that enables your body to transform and build itself “nutrient rich” and become more energy-efficient than ever before.

From the start, you’ll begin nourishing and detoxifying your body from the SAD Standard American Diet, with the greatest of ease, and begin stabilizing and strengthening a superbly healthy body.

Just start using superfoods drink mixes such as those from ReZealiant Living when you can’t sit down for meal and you’ll immediately begin to lose weight and get healthier because using Superfood Drinks, Shakes and Smoothies nourish your body at a very high level without taking in excess calories to speed up detoxification. Thousands of phytochemicals go to work to promote natural weight loss and help you build momentum fast, especially, as you free your body from the need to digest significant amounts of, in many cases, unhealthy foods. Your body will be able to focus on detoxification (weight loss), healing and repair (health).

When you can sit down for a meal, just begin the most basic way to eat a plant-based, nutrient-rich diet that we describe below. It will ensure comprehensive nutritional adequacy with the nutrients, volume, variety and the great taste you’ll want and need for building a plant-based, nutrient rich body that is stabilized and strengthened because you’re immune system is fully turned on.

When you follow these simple instructions right, you’ll consume just the right amount of calories you need relative to activity levels and restore energy balance. This is essential if you want to sustain a fit body, at your ideal weight in excellent health.

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